Daily Bible Verses | February 7 | Deuteronomy 8 | Deuteronomy 9 | Deuteronomy 10 | Deuteronomy 11 Deuteronomy Teaches Why God Loves Israel & Where Wealth Come From
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Deuteronomy 8:

Man does not live by bread alone but through the Word of God. You may wander for forty years, but it is just to humble and equip you for your blessing as long as you stay faithful. Your wealth, knowledge, and skill all comes from God. Without this understanding, you will stray away from God as soon as they bring you wealth and fulfillment. All that forget God will perish. Envy no man because without God, all that he has will soon be taken from him and given to the righteous.

Deuteronomy 9:

The enslaved by men are the children of God and God will make them lead by displacing the powerful and wealthy in order for them to possess the earth. God does this because of the wickedness of the oppressors and to fulfill the promise to Abraham’s children (Abraham was an Arab who came to reside in Africa. After Jacob (Israel), they never went back to Arabia to find a wife, but married the African women. By the time of Moses, he was even called Egyptian (African)). Do not anger God for he can bring quick destruction. We must learn to intercede for one another and try to stay closer to God.

Deuteronomy 10:

Only the Levites (Children of Levi) where set aside by God to carry the Ark of the Covenant and minister before him. Levites had no inheritance like their brothers (rest of Israel) because God was their inheritance. God chose Israel because of the love for their 3 Arab fathers (Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob). God stands for the fatherless, the widows, and the strangers. Israel is now many, but they started out as seventy people in Egypt (Israel an Arab grandfather, Arab and African fathers from the four wives, and African grandchildren). Israel is a result of Arab fathers and African mothers staying in Africa (Canaan) for many generations (430 years) and never returned to marry from Arabia.

Deuteronomy 11:

God will take care of all who follow his command by loving and appreciating their fellowmen regardless of race, gender, or religion. God sets blessing for those that obey him and curses for those that disobey. God multiplies the welfare of his children and place them above want and in abundance

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