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Genesis 1:

At the beginning, God created heaven and earth in total darkness and it was all water. God then separated light from darkness, heaven to separate water above heaven from the waters of the earth, and then God created land out of the seas (ocean). Then, God created vegetation on the earth (land and seas), the sun, moons, and stars were placed in heaven to regulate the seasons, and God made the water creatures and birds to be fruitful and to multiply. God created animals from the land to also be fruitful and to multiply, and then created humans in God’s image to manage all of God’s creation. The first commandment that God gave humans was to be fruitful and to multiply. Any living thing that refuses to multiply is not of God. God also commanded humans and all animals to use the vegetation for food. Science basically explains God’s creation. God created the solar system filed with water and total darkness, gave light energy (Big Bang), and then the heaven to separate gravity from non-gravity. The area under heaven had gravity and land came out of the ocean. Both land and ocean had vegetation to support life and God made the sun (moons and stars) to sustain vegetation and life. Man and animals were then created to feed on the vegetation on both land and water. All living things were commanded to reproduce by God, and humans were supposed to manage God’s creation. All these periods (days in the Bible) is what science calls EVOLUTION.

Genesis 2:

God rested on the 7th day (7th period) after 6 periods of creation (evolution). There was no rain and man did no work, but mist watered the land from the ground (no evaporation; no rain). God made man from the ground, breathe the breathe of life into him to become a living soul, and God placed him in the Garden of Eden that God had planted in the east (So man was no different from the other animals until he got the breathe of God that gave him a SOUL. It is the soul, which creates culture, that separates man from animals that have mere instincts). God planted trees for food in the Garden and the tree of “knowledge of good and evil” was in the middle of the garden (So God created all that is good and evil for us to know in our mind. Up till now, man has only body and soul, but no mind to know good from evil). A river flowed out of Eden to water the garden and it split into four rivers – Pison (Nile of Egypt), Gihon (flowed through out Ethiopia), Tigris (flowed through Assyria (Turkey)), and Euphrates (around Iraq). These are probably the great rift valley water systems of East Africa flowing down the Nile (north) into Mesopotamia (Middle East). After all, the oldest human fossils are located around Ethiopia, and not Mesopotamia. Man was instructed by God to eat of every tree except from the tree of “knowledge of good and evil” because he will die. God made Adam to sleep and God created woman from his rib to assist him. God then ordained marriage in their nakedness and it was not a thing of shame. So the Bible and Archeology agree that humans began around Ethiopia in East Africa. God only ordained men and women to marry, and they are expected to reproduce to fill the earth as their first commandment from God. Anything created by God that can not naturally reproduce themselves is not of God, creation, or evolution.

Genesis 3:

The serpent (used by Satan to deceive in Eden) convinced the woman that God knows that if she eats the fruit from the tree of “knowledge of good and evil”, she will become like a god with knowledge and power (the ability of develop science, technology, voodoo, or witchcraft to solve our own problems instead of relying on God). When the woman realize that the forbidden fruit was pleasant (visual appeal), good for food (sweet), and made one wise (independent from God), she gave her husband (not my man) to eat. This was the transfer of power to Satan by humans. Humans were suppose to manage all of creation, but Satan used a mere snake to empower the woman against the authority of her husband through materialism – looks good, feels good, taste good, it empowers, so disobey God and what is natural. So empower a woman with money and liberation, both the man and marriage falls, which is the old satanic strategy. Humans now knew they were naked and began to invent clothes with leaves to cover their nakedness – humans now had a mind to know good from evil. So the knowledge of shame and nakedness was humans’ first experience without God, and making of clothes or material things to cover up their insecurities was the first solved problem (unnatural or man-made) they acquired outside of God – never envy a rich man with lots of toys. God punished the serpent to eat dust and lose its feet (crawl on belly), and be hated by humans. The woman will have pains at child birth and will always try to undermine her man (radical feminism), but man will always rule over her. The man shall labor for food and die to return to the ground. So God made skin clothes for the humans and sent them out of the garden so that they would not get the knowledge to eat of the “tree of life” and live forever because they now had a mind. So humans can live forever physically, but God wants them to now die. I guess that is why humans invest so much in medicine to preserve life. So at death, the body decays, the mind that knows good and evil dies, and only the soul (breath of life returns back to God). On Judgment day, the soul confesses all that you have done to God honestly because there is no longer a mind from the forbidden fruit that can lie and deceive.

Genesis 4:

Eve gave birth to Cain, a farmer, and then to Abel, a shepherd. Cain brought fruits and Abel brought his first sheep (act of gratitude) to offer God. God respected Abel’s offer and not Cain’s because God watches the heart. Cain gets angry and God tells him that his actions and attitude are slaves to his heart – Cain needed to get his conscience right. Cain then kills Abel and lied to God that he was not his brother’s keeper – did not care where his brother is. God told him that Abel’s blood has complained to him from the ground – man came from the ground and his blood has the soul. Even in death, blood (the soul) and ground (body) still talks to God; only the mind from the forbidden fruit dies. It seems after death, the body decays to the ground, the soul (God’s breathe of life) in the blood returns to God, and the mind (to account for all your deeds) is judged. The ground was never going to produce much for Cain as a farmer (loss of career) anymore and he will become a wanderer according to God’s punishment. Cain begs (repents) God for security because other people may find and kill him (Adam is not the first man because there are other people Cain is scared of. Cain was not scared of Adam before God punished him. Adam was the first man (prophet) in the Garden of Eden and not of God’s creation. Adam was a son of the man of creation in Genesis 1). God guarantees Cain’s safety by giving him a tribal mark that should prevent others from killing him before Cain left to go serve his punishment. Cain went east to Nod, got married, bore a child, built a city, and named the city after his son. Cain’s descendants where rich in tents, cattle, iron and brass, musical instruments, and wives, but had no peace of mind because some were still murderers. Eve had another child, Seth, and Eve said this child will replace Abel – So Eve was childless after Cain left with no daughter. So what people did Cain build a city for? Why name a city after your son if you are the only man aside from Adam? Who were the women reproducing for Cain’s descendants? Who named the city Cain went to as Nod? Eden was a garden where Adam was naked, but Nod appears to be more sophisticated – building cities. Seth had a son and people began to worship God afterwards.

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