Daily Bible Verses | January 11 | Genesis 41 | Genesis 42 | Genesis 43 | Genesis 44 Genesis Teaches God Allowed Divination For Communication
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Genesis 41:

Two years later, Pharaoh had a dream where 7 fat cows came out of the River Nile and 7 starved cows came out after them and ate up the fat cows. Pharaoh woke up and went to sleep again. This time, he saw 7 full heads of grain and after them came 7 thin heads of grains that swallowed up the full heads of grain. Pharaoh woke up and was troubled. Pharaoh told his dream to all his wise men and magicians in Egypt, but none could interpret the dream. The cupbearer then came forward to Pharaoh to remind Pharaoh of his time in prison and how Joseph’s interpretations of both his dream and that of the cupbearer came to pass. Pharaoh brought Joseph out and asked him to interpreter the dream, but Joseph said that God will do it. Joseph told Pharaoh that there will be 7 years of plenty which will be swallowed up by 7 years of famine throughout Egypt. The 7 years of famine will be so severe that the 7 years of plenty will be forgotten. Pharaoh got double dreams with the same meaning because God has decided to bring it into reality soon. Hold on to dreams especially if they are repetitious because God speak through dreams. Pharaoh made Joseph his second-in-command to guide all of Egypt through the time of plenty against the time of famine and Joseph was given the daughter of an Egyptian priest as wife. Joseph was 30 years old when Pharaoh hired him (13 years of slavery and stagnation in life), had two sons later, and he stored food throughout the cities of Egypt. When famine came, Joseph fed all of Egypt and people from other lands came to buy food from Joseph because the whole world was starving.

Genesis 42:

Jacob sent his 10 sons without Benjamin, the only brother of Joseph from Rachel, to Egypt to buy grain because he was scared to loss him too like he had lost Joseph years before. When they came to buy grain in Egypt, they bowed to Joseph and Joseph recognized them. So Joseph arrested them for 3 days on the charges of being spies and asked them to return with grain and bring Benjamin back with them in order to free their last brother – Simeon. They said among themselves that they were being punished for what they did to Joseph over 20 years ago to Joseph’s hearing and not knowing that Joseph could understand them. So no matter how evil or wicked people are, their conscience never gives them peace regardless of how long ago the crime was committed. It was because of the jealousy of Joseph’s future that his brothers sold him for money. When they got home, they told Jacob all that happened and that the lord in Egypt (Joseph) would like to see Benjamin in order for them to free Simeon, prove that they are not spies, and be allowed to buy more grain. Jacob refused because he has now lost Joseph and Simone, and was not prepared to loss Benjamin too despite the fact that Reuben tried to convince Jacob that he would bring Benjamin back.

Genesis 43:

So Jacob eventually allowed Benjamin to go with the brothers back to Egypt to buy more grain because the grain they bought before was now finished and the famine was still severe. They took gifts to Joseph and were told by their father to return the money that was hidden in their sacks in their last trip to Egypt. When Joseph saw Benjamin, he asked his servant to take them all to his house for dinner. The brothers presented their gifts to Joseph, returned the silver from before, and Simeon was brought to join them. When Joseph came to the house, they all bowed to him and he asked about his father. As soon as he saw Benjamin, he hurried out to weep. The Egyptians and Hebrews ate separately because it was not accepted for the groups to eat together. African Egypt was quiet arrogant against the African Hebrew or Israelites. They ate and Benjamin got 5 time the amount that others got.

Genesis 44:

Joseph asked his servant to give his brothers lot of food, as well as put their money for the grain back in their bags and put his silver cup used for drinking and for divination in Benjamin’s bag. So Joseph believed in divination as a way to speak to God in order to see the future or foretell dreams. This means that traditions that used divination to communicate with God were okay with God as long as they were genuinely serving God and their communities. So divination may have been discouraged by the colonizers to prevent us from knowing the future from God so that the colonized can easily be controlled by their power and money rather than God. After they left, Joseph sent his servants after his brothers to accuse them of stealing. The servants searched for Joseph’s divination cup and found it in Benjamin’s bag, so he was arrested to become a slave as the brothers have sworn. So Judah negotiated with Joseph to become the slave because Jacob, their father, would die if Benjamin does not return with them. Jacob reluctantly allowed Benjamin to come to Egypt because they needed to buy food and Joseph would only sell them food if Benjamin came along in the trip.

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