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Genesis 45:

Joseph revealed himself to his brothers and told them that it was God that sent him to Egypt ahead of them to save lives. So every evil done to us is actually a gift from God to serve his purpose. We have to be patient to see and know it, as well as understand that evil is the eventual servant of good. The human agent of evil is a mere tool in the plan of God for the godly. Two years into the famine in Egypt (Joseph now 39 years old – 22 years after he was sold by his brothers), he informs his brothers that God is using him to preserve their family and that they should go bring his father to live near him in Goshen because there is still 5 more years of famine. When Pharaoh heard about Joseph’s family, he requested that carts be given to bring Jacob, their wives, and children to enjoy the best of Egypt. Jacob’s spirit was revived when he heard that Joseph was alive, so he hurried to see Joseph before he died.

Genesis 46:

Jacob took all he had and left for Egypt. God told him that he will make him into a great nation in Egypt and bring him back to the promised land (Canaan). Aside from her daughter Dinah, Leah gave Jacob 33 descendants on their journey to Egypt, which included Tola (Yoruba), son of Issachar. Zilpah, Leah’s servant, had 16 descendants, including Eri (Urhobo), son of Gad. Rachel had 14 descendants, including Ehi (Edo), son of Benjamin. Bilhah, servant of Rachel, had 7 descendants. So 70 people went to Egypt with Jacob including Joseph’s children already in Egypt, but excluding the wives. Jacob was excited to see Joseph after 22 years and Joseph instructed his brothers to tell Pharaoh when asked that they are shepherds by occupation. This is because Goshen was the best place for shepherds, they will be allowed to settle there, and Egyptian disliked shepherds.

Genesis 47:

Joseph presented his family to Pharaoh and he allowed them to settle in Goshen. Joseph then told Pharaoh that he was 130 years old and they settled in the best district of Goshen – district of Rameses, as Pharaoh had instructed. The famine was still severe to the extent that people started trading with their livestock because all their money was finished. The following year after all the people’s money and livestock ran out, they sold all their land and self for food to the extent that Pharaoh now owned all the land of Egypt, except those of the priests who got salaries from Pharaoh, and all the Egyptians were now servants or property of Pharaoh. Joseph now gave the people seeds to plant, but 20% of the harvest will belong to Pharaoh. Joseph made Pharaoh a rich man.

Genesis 48:

Joseph came to see his father who was dying and Jacob mustered his strength to sit up. Jacob told Joseph about God’s promise to multiply his descendants and the give them the promised land of Canaan. He also talked about Joseph’s two son in Egypt as his own (the rest of Joseph’s son will belong to Joseph) and their inherited lands shall bear their names. He then talked about when Rachel died and how she was buried in the future Bethlehem. Joseph brought his two sons before Israel (Jacob) to be blessed. He placed Manasseh (the eldest) to the right of Israel and Ephraim to the left, but Israel crossed his hands while blessing them. This displeased Joseph, so he asked that Israel place his right hand on the eldest, but Israel refused because Ephraim will be greater than Manasseh despite the fact that they both will be great nations. Israel prayed that Joseph returns to the promised land and possess the land he took from the Amorites.

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