Daily Bible Verses | January 13 | Genesis 49 | Genesis 50 | Exodus 1 | Exodus 2 Exodus Teaches How Israelis Transformed from Arabs to Africans
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Genesis 49:

Jacob (Israel) gathered his children to hear what he had to say before he died. Reuben the first son would stop excelling because he slept with one of Israel’s wives (Bilhah – mother of Dan and Naphtali). Simeon and Levi are violent to men and oxen, killed in their anger, and will be scattered throughout the promised land (Levites are the priests without land and serve in all other territories). Judah will be king, other sons will bow to him, and will be wealthy until Jesus comes. Zebulun will be by the sea and be haven for ships. Issachar is strong, but because of laziness due to his good land, he will labor forcefully for others. Dan will provide justice, is a serpent that cause others pain, and needs deliverance. Gad will be attacked, but will defend himself successfully. Asher will have rich food even for kings, while Naphtali will have beautiful descendants. Joseph will be attacked, but God will sustain him and he will prosper in blessings. Benjamin will devour preys and divide plunders. Israel then instructed his sons to bury him in the same land where Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, Rebekah, and Leah were buried (Leah gets the best blessing than Rachel because she was buried with the Patriarchs. She was never loved and was not supposed to be Israel’s wife, yet she gave birth to the priests (Levites – Moses) and Judah kings – (David, Solomon, and Jesus). What wants you can be greater than what you want). Israel then died.

Genesis 50:

Joseph ordered the physicians to embalm Israel, which took the normal 40 days, and Egypt mourned for Israel 70 days. Joseph took permission to go bury Israel in Canaan as Israel had instructed them to before he died and Pharaoh granted his request. Even Egyptian dignitaries went along to bury Israel in Canaan. After they returned to Egypt, The brothers were scared that Joseph may revenge what they did to him now that their father is dead, so they sent a message to Joseph saying that his father wanted him to forgive their wrongdoing. Evildoers, the godless, and the wicked genuinely have no peace of mind regardless of time. The brothers came to bow to Joseph and said they were his slaves, but Joseph said what happened was for the good of many because of God. He also told them not to worry because he was going to provide for them. Joseph died at 110 years old and saw his great-grand children. He made his brothers promise to take his bones back to Canaan and was also embalmed in Egypt.

Exodus 1:

There were 70 descendants of Israel in Egypt. Full Arabs descendants of Abraham began 8 of the 12 tribes of Israel, while Arab and African (mothers) mixture began the other four tribes – Dan (justice), Naphtali (beautiful children), Gad (Defense), & Asher food for kings). Israel gradually become more African in African Egypt after staying there for over 400 years. Even the full blooded Arabs of the Israeli nation such as Joseph, married an Egyptian and Judah was with Canaanite women, both of African (Ham) descent. Unlike Abraham, Isaac, and Israel, the nation of Israel never returned to Arabia to get their wives, but rather, married Egyptian or other African women (Ethiopia or Canaan) in Egypt for over 400 years because the famine was so severe all around Egypt. People relocate to a land of plenty and not to the lands of scarcity. After the original children of Israel had died, a new Pharaoh who did not care about the origin of the Israelites became scared that they were getting too many and too strong. He feared that they may join their enemies at war and leave Egypt poor, so they put them under forced labor and ruthless slave masters. Pharaoh ordered that all male children of the Israelites showed be killed or thrown into the Nile River.

Exodus 2:

Moses was born by parents from Levi. The mother hid him for 3 months and afterwards placed him in a basket to sail along the Nile while his sister watched. Pharaoh’s daughter saw him and adopted him as her son. The sister asked the princess if a Hebrew woman can nurse the baby for her. The princess agreed and paid Moses’ mother to do so. The princess named him Moses (Drawn out of water). When Moses got older, he went to were the Hebrews (Israelites) worked as slaves. He once killed an Egyptian for beating a Hebrew. The next day, he tried to stop two Hebrews from fighting, but they challenged him and asked if he wanted to kill them like he did the Egyptian. This means that Moses knew he was Hebrew and the Hebrews knew that he was Hebrew, but were jealous of his privileged life in the Egyptian palace. The Egyptians could not tell that Moses was Hebrew because the two nations were now African after 400 years of marrying African women, but the Hebrews knew their relatives because Moses’ mother or sister may have informed them. Pharaoh tried to kill Moses (his adopted grand-child) but he ran to Midian (step brother of Isaac & Ishmael, sons of Abraham) and assisted the daughters of the Midian’s priest at the well with their livestock. Moses stayed with the priest and married one of his daughters who gave him a son. Pharaoh dies and God hears the cries of the Hebrews from the pain of slavery. God also remembers his promise of 400 years of slavery in Egypt and the promised land to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

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