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Exodus 7:

God told Moses to do everything he commanded him to do and Aaron is to tell Pharaoh to let the Israelites go. God was going to do many wonders in Egypt and harden Pharaoh’s heart from letting the Israelites go, so that God can bring a hard judgment against Egypt and Egypt will finally let the Hebrews go. God’s aim was to use Egypt as the world power of the time to reintroduce himself to humanity after centuries of silence. God was going to free a defenseless people (Israelites / Hebrew) from the mighty hand of Pharaoh, the human god of the ancient world. Moses was 80 years old, while Aaron was 83. Moses and Aaron went to Pharaoh and Aaron turned his staff into a snake, but Pharaoh had his magicians and sorcerer do the same. This showed the sophistication of African Egypt in terms of knowledge, science, magic, and power at the time. Egypt is the only nation on earth, even before there was a Rome or a Greece, that fought a war with God. Aaron’s staff then swallowed the staffs of Egypt, but Pharaoh refused the let the people go. Then Moses and Aaron turned the River Nile into blood with the staff, which affected all flowing water, fishes, humans, and even water stored in their homes. Pharaoh soon got his magicians to do the same in order to undermine Moses’ perceived fictional God. The Egyptians had to dig wells along the Nile hoping to find drinking water.

Exodus 8:

A week after the Nile became blood, God sent Moses to Pharaoh again to let the Israelites go to worship him, but Pharaoh refused. So Moses made Aaron stretch the staff to bring up frogs from the waters to cover the land, palace, homes, and people. So Pharaoh made his magicians to the same. For the first time, Pharaoh acknowledged that Moses did have a God and pleaded with Moses to tell God to remove the frogs and he will let the people go and worship God. So Moses requested from Pharaoh when he could pray to God to remove all frogs except those on the Nile just to show Pharaoh that there is none like God, so Pharaoh decided on the next day. Moses prayed to God and all the frogs not on the Nile died. Pharaoh was soon relieved and refused to let the people go. Moses and Aaron soon used the staff to strike the dust to bring forth gnats, but the Egyptian magicians could NOT replicate the magic and they cried out to Pharaoh that this was truly God at work. First it was Pharaoh and now the magicians are acknowledging that there is a God. The gnats was on all the animals and people, but Pharaoh was still stubborn. The next day, God put flies all over Egypt, except for Goshen where the Israelite where because God wanted to show he could separate the Israelite from the Egyptian with nature on the same land. This was the first time the Israelites did not suffer the plagues along with the Egyptians. So Pharaoh agreed that they can worship and make a sacrifice to God in Egypt, but Moses refused and insisted on the 3-day journey into the desert. Pharaoh soon agreed to let the people go worship in the desert just nearby as long as Moses prays to remove the flies. Moses agreed, but Pharaoh kept the Israelites from going to worship God in the desert.

Exodus 9:

God soon cause a plague on the livestock of Egypt, but excluded that of the Israelites. All the animals of the Egyptians died, but Pharaoh would not let the people go worship God in the desert. God told Moses and Aaron to take soot from the furnace and toss it into the air in Pharaoh’s presence in order to become fine dust and bring boils on both humans and animals. The magicians of Egypt were ashamed because they too, along with all Egyptians, had boils, but Pharaoh was still stubborn. God sent Moses to tell Pharaoh that God had set Pharaoh up for this day solely to show Pharaoh (human god of the known world) that power belongs to God and that God’s name may be praised throughout the earth. So God used the status of Pharaoh and Egypt to show the world of many gods who the one and true God was by breaking Egypt’s economy down from within rather than using a human army to invading it. God then sent Moses to tell Pharaoh that God was going to send the worst hailstorm Egypt as ever seen and all human as well as livestock not sheltered will die. Moses stretched the staff to the sky and hail (rain, thunder, and lightening) came down on Egypt and everything not under shelter was destroyed except wheat and spelt, which were not ready for harvest, and the land of Goshen of the Israelites. Pharaoh then agreed that Moses take the people to worship God, but has to tell God to stop the hailstorm. Moses agreed to stop the hailstorm, but Pharaoh hardened his heart.

Exodus 10:

God sent Moses to Pharaoh to tell him that until he humbles himself and let the people go, God was going to send locust to cover all of Egypt. God was going to harden Pharaoh’s heart so that Moses can tell the next generation how the one true God worked many miracles to bring both Pharaoh and Egypt to its knees. Pharaoh’s officials told Pharaoh to let the people go and worship their God because Egypt was now destroyed. Pharaoh then agreed to let only the Hebrew men go and worship their God in the desert. Moses stretched his staff and God sent an east wind to blow all night and day to make the ground of Egypt black with locusts and they devoured all that was left from the hailstorm until nothing green was left in Egypt. Pharaoh pleaded with Moses to take the locusts away, so God sent a west wind to carry all the locusts into the Red Sea, but God hardened Pharaoh’s heart and he refused to let the people go. God them made Moses to stretched the staff towards the sky to cause total darkness throughout Egypt, except where the Israelites where. Pharaoh then told Moses that all the people can go worship their God, but without their livestock. Moses then said that the livestock were important for sacrifice to their God. Pharaoh told Moses to leave and would face death if he sees Moses again. Moses agreed.

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