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Exodus 19:

3 months after leaving Egypt, Moses went up the mountain in Sinai Desert to talk to God. God told Moses to tell Israel that God brought Israelites out of Egypt to be his people among all nations, despite the fact that the whole earth is for God. Moses returned to God to report that the people accepted to do all that God commanded. God asked Moses to tell the people to consecrate themselves for 2 days because God was going to descend on Mount Sinai in a dense cloud so that the people can hear God talk to Moses and trust in Moses as their leader. Moses warned that no man or animal shall go up or touch the foot of the mountain because the penalty would be death. Only after the long sound blast of the horn can people go up the mountain. On the third day, the people feared when they saw God descend on the mountain in a cloud with lightning, thunder, and fire as the mountain shook. Moses spoke and God replied with thunder (voice of God). God called Moses up and told him to bring Aaron up, but the priest and people should not come up the mountain or they will perish.

Exodus 20:

God have Moses 10 commandments that we should have no other gods before God (money) or make an idol (money) of any form because God is jealous and will punish sin to the 3rd and 4th generation. We should not use the name of God in vain and we are to keep the Sabbath day holy (free from work to make money). Honor your parents, do not kill, do not commit adultery, don not steal, do not bear false witness against the neighbor, and do not envy what the neighbor has. When the people saw all the smoke, lightning, and thunder, they feared for their lives and asked Moses to speak to them instead of God because they may die. God told Moses to instruct the people that since they have seen and heard him as their God, they are not supposed to make any idols or gods of gold and silver to take God’s place as their God. God prefers altar of earth rather than stones so that we do not defile it with cutting tools. Always offer God animal offerings on God’s earth altar whenever God causes his name to be honored and never climb on the altar so that we do not defile it with our nakedness. God prefers a simple earthly altar and blood sacrifices than money

Exodus 21:

Servants are to be freed after 6 years of labor and they can chose to serve the master for life. If a female servant marries the son, she become a daughter, but he is free to marry another (polygamy), but not deprive the servant wife food, clothing, and marital rights because of the new wife. He who kill must be put to death, but if not deliberate, must go to a separate place God assigns (prison). Also, those who fight their parents, kidnap people to sell (slavery), and curse their parents must be put to death. Those who injure another must pay the injured for loss time until he is healed. Those who kill their slave must be punished. If a pregnant woman miscarriages because of a contact from another, the husband can demand a fine from the offender for injury, but if the baby dies (abortion), then, life for life, eye for eye, and burn for burn applies. A servant is free if the master injures them. The animal that kills a man must be killed and the meat thrown away without holding the owner responsible. If the owner has been warned about the animals tendency to kill and nothing was done, then the owner too must die or can pay a fine for his life. If a man uncovers a pit and an animal falls in it, he bears the cost. If an animal of one kills the animal of the other, the live animal is sold and the money split evenly between them. If the owner was warned about the dangerous habits of the live animal, but did nothing about it, then the live animal is given to the owner of the dead animal.

Exodus 22:

If one steal an animal to sell, he must pay back 4-5 times. One is not responsible for killing a thief who breaks in, except in daylight. A thief must pay back or be sold if he has nothing for payment. One that stole an animal must pay double. He that grazes on another’s land and burns another’s grain must pay back. If money is stolen from the one who keeps it, the thief will pay, but if the thief is no found, the keeper must appear before a judge and defend himself. A virgin one sleeps with must become his wife, but a bride-price must still be paid even if marriage is refused by her father. Put to death all sorcerers, one that have sex with an animal, or worships other gods. Treat immigrants, orphans, and widows well because if they cry to God, God will respond by making your wives widows and children fatherless. Lend money without interest. Respect judges and ruler of your people. God owns all firstborns (humans and animals) and are to be given to God on the 8th day from their mothers. God’s holy people should not eat meat town apart by wild beast.

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