Daily Bible Verses | January 21 | Exodus 31 | Exodus 32 | Exodus 33 | Exodus 34 Exodus Teaches God is not Everywhere & the Guilty Suffers for 4 Generations
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Exodus 31:

God told Moses that he has chosen Bezalel of Judah and have filled him with God’s Spirit to be skilled in all kinds of crafts. Bezalel is to be a gifted craftsman in precious stones, metal, as well as wood, and Oholiab of Dan is to assist him. All the craftsmen were given the ability to carry out the work of God as given to Moses. So God is the one that enhances our talents and deserves the credit. God commanded Moses to tell the Israelites to always observe the Sabbath as a sign of their agreement with God for generations and who ever violates it must be put to death. They are only to work for six days and rest on the seventh day just like God did during the creation of the world. Moses left Mount Sinai with two stone tablets of God’s testimony that were written on by God’s finger.

Exodus 32:

The Israelites approached Aaron to make them gods to worship and depend on, since Moses had abandoned them (stayed too long on Mount Sinai). Aaron, brother of Moses and spokesman of God to Pharaoh, told the people to bring all their gold and he created a golden calf for them to worship as the god that brought them out of Egypt from slavery. Aaron also built an altar for the idol and made the people worship it with offerings and festivity the very next day. Have no faith in people because they will always disappoint you. God then told Moses to hurry down to see the evil the people had done and God was going to punish them to make a great nation out of them. Moses begged God to forgive the people so that the Egyptian will not mock them by saying that Israel came to the desert to perish, so God forgave them. Moses broken the two tablets on the ground, destroyed the golden calf, grounded the calf into powder and mixed it with water, and made the people drink it. Moses demanded to know who was on God’s side and all the Levites came to him. Moses commanded them to take their sword to cleanse the people and 3,000 were killed. Moses went back up to God to atone for the sin of Israel, but God told him that he will remove those that sinned from his book and will punish them at the right time. God commanded Moses to move the people towards the promised land and an angel will lead them.

Exodus 33:

God told Moses to take the people to the promised land that was flowing with milk and honey and that an angel will go ahead of them to drive out the Canaanites & their relatives from the land. God was not going with the Israelites because they were a disobedient people and God did not want to destroy them on the way. So God does not know what you or what he might do next. God is not all knowing; God also goes one step at a time, but makes decisions and brings it to pass. Also, God is not everywhere. God is where God wants to be. So God made them put all their ornament at Mount Horeb (I guess so that they cannot make another golden idol). Moses judged the people who wanted to hear from God in a tent and a cloud would come down to settle at the entrance while God spoke to Moses. Moses negotiated with God to follow them thought their journey in order to show that God had favor with Moses and that the Israelites were special among humanity. Moses wanted to see God face (glory), but God said that no one can see his face and live.

Exodus 34:

God made Moses cut out two stone like the ones he had destroyed, so the God could re-write his laws again. Moses went up to God and God declared that he is compassionate and gracious, as well as slow to anger and forgives abundantly. God does not leave the sins of the guilty unpunished because he punishes even to the 4th generation. Moses worshipped God for showing him favor, but wanted God to lead them into the promised land. God made a covenant with Moses that Moses should abide by all of God’s laws and God will do for Israel what has never been done for any other country. The Israelites are also not to associate with, make a treaty with, or worship the gods of the Canaanites because God is a jealous God. Mingling with the Canaanites or marrying them could lead to the influence of idol worship. Moses was with God for 40 days without food or water, and his face became so radiant that he had to wear a veil before the people, but only took the veil off when in God’s presence.

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