Daily Bible Verses | January 22 | Exodus 35 | Exodus 36 | Exodus 37 | Exodus 38 Exodus Teaches What Keeping the Sabbath Holy Really Means
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Exodus 35:

God expected the Israelites to work on six days, but do absolutely nothing on the seventh day or be put to death. They are to keep the Sabbath day holy – no ounce of work that brings money. Worshipping money is the opposite of worshipping God. Money is the ultimate idol or only god made by human hands. Moses encourage the people to donate materials needed to build God’s Tabernacle. He also informed the people that God had chosen Bezalel from Judah and Oholiab from Dan to lead all those that will help to build God’s tabernacle.

Exodus 36:

Bezalel and Oholiab built the tabernacle.

Exodus 37:

Bezalel and Oholiab built the ark of the covenant, which included a table, lampstand, and an altar of incense.

Exodus 38:

They also built the altar for burnt offering and the courtyard.

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