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Leviticus 15:

God told Moses that any discharge from a man, either it is flowing or blocked, makes the man unclean. Anything he touches and lies on is also unclean. He must give both a sin and burnt offering after he is cleansed. When a man discharge semen, he is unclean, or if he sleeps with a woman, they are both unclean until evening. All clothes with semen must be washed and the two must take a bath. A woman on her period is unclean for a week and anything that touches her is also unclean. A man that lies with her is also unclean for a week. A sacrifice is also needed after her period.

Leviticus 16:

God told Moses to tell Aaron not to approach God as he pleases when he enters the Most Holy Place before the atonement cover on the ark, which is behind the curtain or he will die because God comes in a cloud over the atonement cover. Aaron was to bring a young bull for sin offering and a ram for burnt offering while wearing his sacred clothes. Uniform for service is important to God.

Leviticus 17:

God says to Moses that any man who kills an animal before bringing it to the priest for offering at the entrance of the Tent of Meeting before the tabernacle is guilty of bloodshed and must be cut off from the people. This is to make any sacrifices done for whatever reason be presented to God first instead of to idols while using God as a disguise. Any one who eats blood (red meat) is to be cut off from his people and God will set his face against him because the life of the creature is in the blood. The blood is used for atonement for human life on the altar. All blood from bird or animal that must be eaten must have its blood drained in the ground and covered. The blood is the life and must be respected with proper burial even if the body has to be eaten. No eating of dead animals or animal killed by a wild beast (carnivores have poisons in their teeth and claws that humans may end up consuming).

Leviticus 18:

God tells Moses to tell the Jews not to live like they do in Egypt or in Canaan, but they are to keep God’s laws so that they may live and God will be their God. They should not have sexual relationship with close relatives (incest); mother; father’s wife; siblings and half siblings regardless of where they were raised; nephews and nieces; uncles and aunts; uncle’s wife or aunt’s husband; son-in-law and daughter-in-law; brother’s wife or sister’s husband; a woman and the daughter or a man and the son; a woman’s daughter’s daughter or a man’s son’s son; your wife’s sister or marry her while wife still lives (so you can marry your wife’s sister after your wife dies or husband’s brother); when woman is in her period; neighbor’s wife; No HOMOSEXUALITY; and no sex with animals. Do not offer your children for sacrifice. All these sexual sins is how the land of Canaan was defiled and that is why God will punished them by making the land vomit its inhabitance (Sodom and Gomorrah are descendants of Canaan). God promised that the Jews will also be vomited from the land if they violate these sexual laws and anyone that violates them should be cut off from the people – death.

Leviticus 19:

God told Moses to tell the people to be holy, honor their parents, and observe the Sabbath. They are not to worship or make idols. All sacrifices must be done accordingly, be eaten on the same day, and burnt up on the 3rd day. Do not harvest everything on the land or pick all the grapes on the ground; leave some for the poor and aliens (passerby). Do not steal; lie; deceive; swear falsely in God’s name; defraud your neighbor; curse the deaf and obstruct the blind; deny wages overnight; pervert justice to favor the rich; slander, hate, or revenge against another; mate different animals, plant two kinds of seed on your land, or wear clothes with two kinds of material; eat meat with blood, practice divination, or cut hair on the side of your head or edge of your beard; cut body for the dead; put tattoos on the body; disrespect the elderly, seek mediums and spiritists, and mistreat aliens; and partake in dishonest gain.

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