Daily Bible Verses | January 28 | Leviticus 20 | Leviticus 21 | Leviticus 22 | Leviticus 23 | Leviticus 24 Leviticus Teaches God's Laws for Homosexuality, Bestiality, Adultery, & Fornication
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Leviticus 20:

God told Moses that anyone who sacrifices his children as an offering to a god or idol (Molech) must be put to death by stoning because the person, the family, and all followers of such practice defile God, as well as those who consult mediums and spirits. Put to death all those who are involved in these: curse their parents; commits adultery with another’s spouse; sleeps with parent’s spouse; sleeps with their son or daughter in-laws; HOMOSEXUALITY; marries a parent and the child (burnt); sleeps with animals (bestiality – kill the animal too); marries a sibling or half sibling; sleeps with women during their period; and sleeps with uncles and aunts or marries a sibling’s spouse (they will die childless).

Leviticus 21:

God told Moses to tell the sons of Aaron that they are not to make themselves ceremonially unclean (touch) for anyone who dies, except for their parents, children, brothers, and unmarried sister with no husband. Priest are also not to shave their heads, edges of beards, and cut their bodies. Priest are to be holy to God and must not marry prostitutes or divorcees because they offer up God’s food (God does not want his food contaminated). A daughter of a priest that prostitutes must be burnt. The high priest who has anointing oil on his head (leader) among his brothers and wears the priestly garment must cover his hair as well as to never come close to the dead even his parents, children, and siblings. Priest must always marry virgins within the Levite family. Any descendant of the Levite that is disabled or has defect should NOT offer food to God or come close to the altar, but may eat the holy food. God is neither open-minded or tolerant for nonsense.

Leviticus 22:

God told Moses to tell Aaron and his sons, the priests, not to dishonor the sacred offerings of the people to God. Any priest who appears before God’s altar with defects or is unclean with sours, semen, or touches unclean this must bath before eating the holy food or be cut off from the people. Priest should follow God’s laws so that they are not guilty or die in the process of carrying out their duties. No one outside of the priests’ family should eat the sacred food, even a daughter that marries outside of the priestly family, excepts she is divorced without children and returns to live in her father’s house. Any animals used for offering to God must be without defect.

Leviticus 23:

God discusses his expectations for the Sabbath, Passover, first fruits, atonement day, and feast of tabernacle.

Leviticus 24:

God gave the Israelite rules of using olive oil to light the golden lampstands at the altar continuously till morning through Moses and also how to bake 12 loaves of bread for the golden table of God. Anyone who curses the Name of God is to be put to death.

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