Daily Bible Verses | January 29 | Leviticus 25 | Leviticus 26 | Leviticus 27 | Numbers 1 | Numbers 2 Leviticus Teaches God Expects Everyone to be Free & Be an Owner
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Leviticus 25:

God tell Moses to instruct the people about the Sabbath year and the year of jubilee. The 7th year is the Sabbath year where both man and land are to rest. The land is to be left alone on the 7th year and whatever grows on it is the natural food for the owner and its family. The year of jubilee is after the period of the 49th year – 7 Sabbath years by 7 years – 50th year. The 10th day of the 7th month is the day of atonement and the 50th year is to proclaim liberty is all the land, where everyone shall return to his own clan, family, or property. There is no work that year because people, animals, and land are all FREE. Only eat what your land produces naturally.

Leviticus 26:

Do not make idols or sacred stones to bow to because God is the only true God. If you obey my laws and my Sabbath, I will always send rain in due time and the land will give great harvests. There will be peace in the land and you will not know war. You will increase and have so much to eat that you will be consuming last year’s harvest.

Leviticus 27:

God give Moses the monetary value of those dedicated to God by age and gender. God also accepts animals, houses, and land, but it must be appraised by the priests for value. No one is to give the firstborn of any animal and they are to pay their tithe (10% MANDATORY TAX). Nothing dedicated to God can be sold or redeemed.

Numbers 1:

God asked Moses to take a census of the people and see the numbers of men above 20 years of age that could form an army. All 13 tribes were counted, except the Levites, the priests, whose job is to represent God among the tribes in assigned Levite towns in serving and guarding God’s tabernacle. Israel had 13 tribes because Joseph was split into Manasseh and Ephraim, but we always hear 12 tribes of Israel because the Levites are never counted or allowed to do other duties apart from serving God.

Numbers 2:

God tells Moses how to arrange the men according to their tribes and away from the tabernacle of God for safety because anyone not of the family of Levi that comes close to the tabernacle will die.

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