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Genesis 9:

God blessed Noah and his three sons, and gave Noah the original commandment of creation to multiply and fill the earth. Noah was commanded to have all animal and green vegetation for food, except meat with blood and carnivores (flesh eating animals) because blood is life, which must return to God. Also, any human who kills another should be killed because humans are preciously made in God’s image. God then made a covenant of the first rainbow with Noah and all that came out of the ark that God will never use flood to destroy all flesh again. The rainbow is to remind God of his promise (So God needs to be reminded through prayer and rainbow). It was Noah’s three sons – Shem (Arabs), Ham (Africans) and Japheth (Europeans and Asians) that repopulated the earth after the destruction of the flood. Noah owned a vineyard, he got drunk, and was naked in his tent. Ham probably had sex (sodomized) with Noah and then informed his two brothers about it. Shem and Japheth then took a cloth, walked in backwards in order not to see the condition of their father, and covered Noah. When Noah realize what Ham had done (I guess in pain), Noah then placed on curse on Ham’s son, Canaan, to be a slave to all his brothers (I guess to cause longer pain and guilt for Ham). Noah blessed Shem (Arab) and Japheth (European) to prosper, made Canaan to be their slave (Canaan occupied by Israel today is to be dominated by Arabs and Europeans), and Japheth (Europe) will dwell in the tents of Shem (Arabs). It seems God is giving Arabs the upper hand over the Europeans and the west. Noah lived 950 years.

Genesis 10:

Japheth (Europe and Asia) was oldest, followed by Shem (Arab), and then Ham (Africa) was the youngest. The descendants of Japheth (Europe and Asia) were considered the the Gentiles and the heathens. So the Africans and the Arabs are not Gentiles and atheist, just the Europeans and Asians. Japheth’s descendants included the Greeks, Russians, Macedonians, Celtics, Spanish, Galatians, Armenians, Scandinavians, Germans, and Italians. The descendants of Ham (Africa) were Mizraim (Egypt), Cush (Ethiopia), Put (Libya), Canaan (original Africans in modern day Israel), some parts of the Middle East near Africa, builders of Assyria, Nineveh, and Babylon, the Philistines, old Cyprus, old Tyre and Sidon, Old Lebanon, Gaza, and Sodom and Gomorrah. So Africans seemed to have homosexuality in their history. Descendants of Shem (Arab) are the Middle Eastern, Arabia, Mesopotamia (Iran and Iraq), and Palestine.

Genesis 11:

Humans spoke one language and migrated eastward into Babylon. Then they decided to build a tower to reach heaven so that they do not have to spread and fill the earth. This was a direct rebel against God’s first commandment to mankind at creation to multiply and fill the earth. When God saw their plan, God decided to make them speak many language to confuse them and prevent them from uniting to accomplish anything they desired as a group (God is not all knowing; God responded to our decisions and actions to determine our end). So Babylon became a place of confusion of many languages, so the people abandoned their building project and spread to fill the earth. Humans started living between 100-500 years old. Abram is introduced as an Arab son of Shem and the 10th generation from Noah. 10 generations is about 2000 years. So Noah is 2000 years from Adams, and Abram is 2000 years from Noah.

Genesis 12:

God called Abram to leave his father’s house to a distant country and that he was going to make Abram a great nation, but Abram took Lot, his nephew, with him to Canaan (modern day Israel). God promised to give Abram’s descendants the land of Canaan and Abraham build an alter to God there. Famine came upon Canaan and Abram moved on to Egypt (The first economic and political world power known in human history). As Abram entered Egypt, he pleaded with his wife, Sarai, to say that she is his sister instead of wife. This was because African Egypt found fairer women unique because they were Blacks, and may kill Abram to take her. They acted as planned and then Pharaoh basically married her from Abram in exchange of animals as well as servants as gifts. So God plagued Pharaoh’s household because of Sarai and Pharaoh returned Sarai back to Abram, but was upset that they had lied to him.

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