Daily Bible Verses | January 30 | Numbers 3 | Numbers 4 | Numbers 5 | Numbers 6 | Numbers 7 Numbers Teaches God's Oath for Women Who Commit Adultery
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Numbers 3:

God told Moses to call out the tribe of Levi to come out and assist Aaron in performing all of the priestly duties for all of Israel.

Numbers 4:

God told Moses to call on the Levite branch from Kohath, Gershon, and Merari (sons of Levi) between the ages of 30-50 to work in the Tent of Meeting for God.

Numbers 5:

God commanded purity in the camp by sending those with infectious skin disease out of the camp. He that does wrong must confess and pay restitution to family or relative of the offended. All restitution goes to God through the priests if the offended has no relative. So all sins MUST be punished on earth in God’s eyes despite repentance, but those in Christ will not have to account for it at the judgment. Every man who suspects his wife of adultery or if she commits adultery without witnesses must take her to the priest to swear an oath before God in agreement that the bitter holy water she shall drink shall cause miscarriages and bareness if she is guilty of adultery.

Numbers 6:

God told Moses that those who vow to separate themselves for God’s use as a Nazirite should avoid alcohol, vinegar, grape and grape juice, as well as not cut their hair throughout the dedication period to God or get close to the dead (like Samson). They can shave their hair on the 7th day during cleansing if someone dies in their presence.

Numbers 7:

God accepts the offerings for the dedication of the tabernacle through Moses.

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