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Numbers 8:

God tells Moses how to set up the lamps and light them. God also sets the Levites aside from the rest of the 12 tribes of Israel (Joseph was split into Ephraim and Manasseh) and they are to purify and cleanse themselves as well as their clothing.

Numbers 9:

God tells Moses that the people should celebrate the Passover. When the clouds was lifted up above the tabernacle the people set out, but when it was settled over the tabernacle they encamped. God communicated with the people with the use of the cloud. So nature can be a form of communication among peoples of God who do not have to be considered as primitive.

Numbers 10:

God told Moses to make two silver trumpet to be used for signaling to the people when they set out (out of camp). When both trumpets are sounded the people are to meet at the Tent of Meeting, but only the leaders are to meet when only one trumpet is sounded. The priests are to blow the trumpet during battles and offerings.

Numbers 11:

The people complained about their hardship as they moves away from the Sinai desert to the promised land. This made God angry and God sent fire from heaven to consume the outskirts of the camp, but Moses intervened and pleaded with God. Soon the Israelites started missing the free food they enjoyed as slaves in Egypt and were getting sick of God’s manna from heaven. God was angry at the people and Moses was unhappy with why God had allowed the people to turn against him because they wanted to eat meat. God made Moses choose 70 elders who prophesized because the Spirit of God was on them and 600 men were sent to inform the Israelite that God was going to provide meat. God brought lots of quails from the sea that it filled the camp. As they were eating the quails God brought a severe plague on them to punish them from their ingratitude against God. God can allow what you want and still punish you for not letting him get you what you need.

Numbers 12:

Miriam and Aaron were now against Moses because he married an Ethiopian wife (racism). Moses was the most humble man, but his siblings became jealous of him. God told his siblings that God reveals himself to prophets in dreams, visions, and in riddles, but Moses sees God’s face and God speaks to Moses directly. God was angry with them for speaking against Moses and leprosy fell upon Miriam while Aaron quickly asked Moses to pled with God. So God asked that she be put outside the Camp for 7 days (the required cleansing period) before she was to be allowed back. Even God follows his own rules.

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