Daily Bible Verses | July 13 | Isaiah 3 | Isaiah 4 | Isaiah 5 Isaiah Teaches God against Feminism and Women Domination
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Isaiah 3:

God is taking away from Israel and Judah all its supplies, support, and human resources.  Children shall rule over them and the people will oppress each other.  The young and lowly shall rise against the old and noble.  Then even a man with a piece of cloth will be made leader and he will reject it.  Youths will oppress them and women will rule over themGod will bring baldness, shame, and dishonor to the womenSo women leadership is a form of curse and punishment to a people.

Isaiah 4:

Seven women will share a man just to bear his name, but will provide their own food and clothesSo women having resources but no husband is also a curse to God.  Soon, God will clean the land from the filth of the women (too many; I guess the men are dead), cleanse the bloodstain from Jerusalem, and restore the land.  God will create over Jerusalem and the remnants a cloud of smoke by day and a flaming fire by night to provide both shade from the sun and refuge from the rain.

Isaiah 5:

My lover planted a vineyard with the best soil and vine, but it yielded bad fruits.  Dwellers of Jerusalem and Judah should judge between me and the vineyard.  The vineyard will be destroyed and no rain will fall on it.  The vineyard is Israel and Judah to God and it gave God nothing but bloodshed and distress instead of justiceGod curses monopoly where much is possessed by one from others to the extent that he now lives alone. So, God does not like a man having too much. All their lands and possessions will come to nothing.  Cursed are all that merry with wine and music without regards for God.  Cursed are those who call evil good and say bitter is sweet.  Cursed are those that are experts at drinking and mixing drinks as well as deny the innocent justice.

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