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Isaiah 5:

My lover planted a vineyard with the best soil and vine, but it yielded bad fruits.  Dwellers of Jerusalem and Judah should judge between me and the vineyard.  The vineyard will be destroyed and no rain will fall on it.  The vineyard is Israel and Judah to God and it gave God nothing but bloodshed and distress instead of justiceGod curses monopoly where much is possessed by one from others to the extent that he now lives alone. So, God does not like a man having too much. All their lands and possessions will come to nothing.  Cursed are all that merry with wine and music without regards for God.  Cursed are those who call evil good and say bitter is sweet.  Cursed are those that are experts at drinking and mixing drinks as well as deny the innocent justice.

Isaiah 8:

God told Isaiah to write the name that means �quick to plunder, swift to spoil� on paper and the name was given to a son of a virgin prophetess.  God then promised that before he grows up to say dad and mum, the wealth of the invading nations will be carried off to AssyriaSo if it takes less than two years for a son to know and call his parents, then this prophecy of Immanuel cannot be for Jesus that came centuries after the fact.  Then God told Isaiah that the Assyrians will overflow the invading nation like a mighty flood.  God spoke to Isaiah again with a heavy hand upon him and told him to only fear and respect God and disregard anything else that threatens the people

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