Daily Bible Verses | July 17 | Isaiah 15 | Isaiah 16 | Isaiah 17 Isaiah Teaches Life is a Test of Repentance or Punishment
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Isaiah 15:

God will destroy Moab.  The grass and vegetable will wither and nothing green will be left.  There will be waters filled with blood and lions will feed on those left on the land.  If God made us to worship him and God will destroy us for not worshipping him, why put us through the test if God is supposed to be all-knowingCould it be that God knows the outcome of the godly and the godless, but does not know the individuals that will chose whatAfter all, God is very frustrated with Israel wherever they return to idols after punishing them with his great wrath.  This is the sole purpose of Satan, which is to help separate the godless from the godly.

Isaiah 16:

The oppression of Moab will come to an end and a throne will be set up for the house of David.  We have heard and seen the emptiness of the boasting and pride of Moab.  Within three years, Moab will be laid to waste.  Then, what happens afterwardsWill they be forgiven after they repent and promise to start serving God?  It is all a test to see the faith of the few that will pass as godly in the days of their lives.

Isaiah 17:

Damascus will no longer be a city, but a heap of ruins.  The fortified cities of Ephraim will disappear and the glory of Jacob will fade.  Israel will look for God instead of the altars of gods made by their hands.  They will plant the best crops and imported vines, but their harvest will come to nothing.  Damascus was the land of the Hittites around 1200 BC and is now the capital of Syria.  Arabs took over both Syria and Israel from the Africans (Canaanites – Genesis 10:15), so could God’s punishment be more of displacing the original peoples or reducing their global influence rather than destroying the people totally since the ancestor of the Jewish and Hittites were Africans (Canaanites)?

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