Daily Bible Verses | July 18 | Isaiah 18 | Isaiah 19 | Isaiah 20 Isaiah Teaches Why God Allow Success and Celebration
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Isaiah 18:

Woe to Ethiopia (Cush), land of locusts and papyrus boats.  Ethiopians, a people that are tall and smooth, feared from far and wide, aggressive nation with a strange speech, and divided by rivers.  All nations must know that Ethiopia always expects a good harvest but I will cut it before them and give it to the birds and the wild beast for foodSuccess and celebration is in God’s hands.  God allows success in order for you to glorify him.  Without God, you can do everything right and be rewarded handsomely with nothing. 

Isaiah 19:

God rides on a swift cloud to Egypt and all the idols and gods of Egypt trembles.  I will turn their brothers and neighbors against each other and all their plans will come to nothing.  They will consult their idols and spirits of the dead, but God will give them a cruel master to rule over them.  Everything in Egypt will give a reverse result.  Rivers will dry up, canal will stink, grass will wither, fishermen�s nets from the Nile will come up empty, and advisers of Pharaoh will give senseless advice. God was going to turn Egypt into his worshipperGod will also put his altar in the middle of Egypt and God�s monument at its bordersEgypt, Assyria, and Israel will all worship God together.  These are all Africans nations who are descendants of Ham.

Isaiah 20:

God made Isaiah take off his shoes and walked barefooted for 3 years as a sign of how Assyria will take captives from Egypt (Mazraim) and Ethiopia (Cush) nakedThen nations who once relied on them to deliver them from the Assyrians would loss heart.  According to Genesis 10:10-11, the Assyrians were children of Ethiopia and nephews of Egypt, so the Assyrians were also an African people.  So is God using a younger generation to disgrace an older one and is that why the neighboring nations are relying on Egypt and Ethiopia to check their troublesome descendants –  the Assyrians? 

The book is meant for people who are hopeful but seem not to have yet found their purpose on earth. This book will help enable people and communities to progress with a peace of mind towards their destiny.

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