Daily Bible Verses | July 19 | Isaiah 21 | Isaiah 22 | Isaiah 23 Isaiah Teaches Role of Wealth in Natural Disaster
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Isaiah 21:

To Babylon, desert by the sea, comes an invader of terror from God.  Babylon will fall and all their gods put to shame.  Caravans camped in Arabia; bring water and food to the fugitives of war.  God said that in one year, the splendor of Kedar will end. Kedar is believed to be a descendant Ishmael and became a nomadic Arab tribe in Arabia. The great shall be humbled and those that refuse to share will become empty.

Isaiah 22:

Jerusalem with all its leaders and warriors has fled to the rooftops without the presence of an enemy. They have chariots, horses, but the land is defenseless.  They say they should eat and drink because they will die tomorrow. They are cowards and God is ashamed of them. What is the meaning of wealth if it cannot defend you? You have weapons of war, but go hide without an army attacking.  Have regards for God and live in peace.

Isaiah 23:

Cry ships, because Tyre is destroyed without a house or harbor.  Be quiet merchants of Sidon for the waters have enriched you with revenue that you became the marketplace of nations.  God will deal with Tyre for 27 years like a prostitute and all her profits will be given to those who serve GodAlways serve God in order to inherit the fruits and labor of the godless.  You must take education seriously, learn to network, and know how to be at the right place at the right time with God’s guidance. 

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