Daily Bible Verses | July 21 | Isaiah 27 | Isaiah 28 | Isaiah 29 Isaiah Teaches False Worshipers and Atheist are Cursed
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Isaiah 27:

God will come with his sword to destroy Leviathan, the serpent of the sea.  Sing of a fruitful vineyard and God will watch, water, and guide it.  Anyone who stuck or killed Israel would be avenged by God in a likewise manner.  Israel will soon fill the world with fruits, her sins atoned for, and her guilt removed.  That day, those nations that want to oppress Israel, such as Egypt and Assyrian, will lose their cities and idols.  God will have no compassion for them and all of Israel will return from these lands to serve God in Jerusalem.  Africans no longer live in these lands, but are enslaved or second-class citizen there, but God will bring them back together to worship him from all over the earth.  

Isaiah 28:

God will bring down the pride of Ephraim�s drunkards.  It seems in Isaiah that Ephraim (half of Joseph) is against God, Judah, and Jerusalem previously.  It will get so bad that even the priests and prophets will stagger from beer.  God has laid a precious cornerstone that will make justice and righteousness a standard. 

Isaiah 29:

Cursed is Ariel, a city that David settled in.  God will stand against her and bring her low to the dust.  God will bring her to a deep sleep to the extent that they will dream and long for satisfaction, but it will merely be an illusion.  God says that many will come worship him with their lips but their hearts disregards himCursed are those who try to hide their plans from God believing that God does not exist or does not see.  Israel will soon not be ashamed of God, but worship him in awe.  So godliness is the love for humanity at no cost and abiding in God’s laws naturally, socially, and culturally.

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