Daily Bible Verses | July 22 | Isaiah 30 | Isaiah 31 | Isaiah 32 Isaiah Teaches Fools Enjoy Evil for Money and Power
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Isaiah 30:

Cursed are the stubborn nations and children who carry out plans and form alliances without consulting GodThey look to Egypt (world power of the time) for protection, but it will bring them disgraceCamels and donkeys of the Negev are used to carry wealth to Egypt (banking, storage, and investments) rather than relying on God.  You will all flee to the mountain on horsebacks because of just 5 pursuers.  People and nations who support the ways of life of a world power for earthly gratification rather than following God are cursed.  

Isaiah 31:

Shame on those who rely on Egypt rather than God because of the strength of their chariots, horses, and soldiers (political, military, and economic power)God brings disaster against the wicked and those who assist evildoersEgyptians are not God and their horses are not spirits, so the helper and the helped will stumble, fall, and perish.  Return to God and rely on him only.  Many support great nations because they appear to be successful and their livelihood depends on their alliance with that nation even if the ways of that world power or great nation is godless and leads to unjust oppression, imprisonment, and death of others

Isaiah 32:

A king will reign in righteousness and in justiceThings will turn for the better and fools will no longer be called noble or the wicked highly respectedFools are busy with evil, practice godlessness, and spread lies about GodThe wicked destroys the poor with lies even when the plea of the needy is justComplacent and secure women of Jerusalem tremble and weep because the wealth that is the foundation of their security is about to fail and disappoint them.  Your possessions are about to be deserted and become a wasteland until the spirit of God is poured upon it.  Then your land will be fertile and productive again.  God will always humble people and nations for a time until they repent and understand that they are nothing except God says so.

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