Daily Bible Verses | July 23 | Isaiah 33 | Isaiah 34 | Isaiah 35 Isaiah Teaches War Unnecessary & Enough Resources for All
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Isaiah 33:

Cursed are those who destroy and betray others without causeGod will punish their brave men, their treaties will be broken, and their land lay to waste.  Then there will be repentance and their sins forgiven. Every godless and wicked person and nation that has stolen, lied against, or oppressed others for gain will be relegated until they change their hearts and acknowledge God.  It is just a matter of time to see how the mighty fall or see the devastation in the lives of their children. 

Isaiah 34:

God is angry with all the armies of the nations, he is going to destroy them, and soak the mountains with their bloodGod�s sword is drunk with blood in the heavens and now he descends in judgment on the earth (Edom).  The land will lay waste and there will be nothing left of worth to even call the place a kingdom.  So wars are actually unnecessary in God’s eyes.  We have enough resources to go around, but the wicked try to convince us that over-population is the problem so that only a few can use military force to control most of the world’s resources through wars.

Isaiah 35:

Rejoice wasted and desolate lands for God has come to save and redeem youShout for joy because people are being healed from their weaknesses and deformities.  There will be abundant water and vegetation for all to enjoyThe highway is holy and lions, fools, and the wicked will not walk on it.  There will be great rejoicing and gladness in God.  There is enough resources in the world to guarantee longer lives, healthier bodies from stress, and peace of mind with our neighbors naturallyIt is the godless nations and people that intentionally create the scarcity that leads to wars in order to depopulate the earth and control more resources

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