Daily Bible Verses | July 27 | Isaiah 45 | Isaiah 46 | Isaiah 47 Isaiah Teaches God Uses Godless for Justice
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Isaiah 45:

God says to his anointed (Jesus) that he will strengthen Cyrus to subdue the nations and the kingsGod will also give him the treasures and riches of the secret places and darkness (every wealth made from witchcraft, secret societies, apartheid, slavery, and oppression will be given to another).  For Jacob�s sake, God calls Israel to honor her, but Israel always refuses to acknowledge God.  Cursed is he that quarrels with his maker.

Isaiah 46:

The idols of Babylon are images of beasts of burden (I guess they were an agricultural economy with horses, donkeys, bulls, and oxen as their economical machines).  The idols are burdensome to carry, but they are carried off along with the people during captivityGod tells Israel that he is their God and he is the one that has been with them since the beginning and not the idols made by human hands than can neither move nor answer.  No other god can ever be compared to God because what God says comes to past, what God purposes stands, and what God plans he does.

Isaiah 47:

God will take vengeance on Babylon (the colonizers and slave masters) and they will fallNo longer will they be called delicate and tender because God will give them hardship, uncover their shame, and expose their nakedness.  God allowed the colonizers to defeat his people and enslave them, but the slave masters had no mercy whatsoever even on the old.  In one day, God will make the colonizers widows and loss their children

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