Daily Bible Verses | July 31 | Isaiah 57 | Isaiah 58 | Isaiah 59 Isaiah Teaches Fasting is Rejection of Injustice and Oppression
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Isaiah 57:

When righteous and devout men die, no one cares or understandsThey are taken away to be spared from evil They enter into peace and find rest at deathFor those who are in bed with idols, sorcerers, liars, and mock the godly, you rejected God because God was quiet.  All your ways and efforts will come to waste.  A simple wind will blow them away.  Many ask why the godly die and the wicked lives on and prospersThis is because the world is for the evil one and God does not want his godly corrupted, so God takes them early.  The wicked and godless live long for all to see that their ways and lies come to nothing.

Isaiah 58:

Shout out the sin and rebellion of Jacob because they pretend to want to know God and follow himThey wonder why they fast and humble themselves before God, who does nothing, but their fasting begins with exploiting their workers and ends with quarrel or fights.  This is not the fasting for God which is to humble yourself for one day.  God�s fasting is to reject injustice, oppression, hunger, and to be there for your fellowman.  If you love to fast, but have never addressed the issues of injustice, oppression, and hunger of your fellowman publicly to help redirect social, economic, and political life, then you fast in vain.

Isaiah 59:

God always hears and saves, but your iniquities, sins, lies, evil speeches, and bloody fingers have separated you from God.  No one calls for justice or has integrity.  Instead of saying we are a minority, poor, or no one will listen to us, God wants the godly to arise and demand justice, fairness, and integrity in our ways, life, social affairs, work, laws, and politics.

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