Daily Bible Verses | July 6 | Ecclesiastes 2 | Ecclesiastes 3 | Ecclesiastes 4 Ecclesiastes Teaches Contentment Better than Money or Work
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Ecclesiastes 2:

I dedicated myself to excessive pleasure and yet it was meaningless. I laughed, drank wine, built great projects, parks, planted exotic trees, had many servants, had flocks, had gold and treasures, praise singers, and a harem as well.  I was even wealthier and wiser that all who came before me and it was all for nothing under the sun.  I also considered wisdom, madness, and foolishness.  I noticed that it was better to be wise than foolish, but both the wise and foolish will die and be forgotten by all.  So what is the value of wisdom after all the hype?  Hard work is also meaningless because after I die, I do not know if who will inherit the fruits of my labor will be wise or foolish despite the fact that he never worked for it.  Just focus on God and please God always for this is the only reasonable thing to do while alive on earth.

Ecclesiastes 3:

There is a time and season for everythingThere is nothing wiser than a man who does what is good and is happy while alive because only God controls the time for everythingTo enjoy your labor while alive is a great gift from God.  At the places of judgment and justice were wickedness and God judges both the godly and the godless.  Man is no better than animals because their breath is the same, they both die, and they both become dustNo one knows where the spirit of man nor the animal goes.  Respect all of creation and rely on God to guide your steps. 

Ecclesiastes 4:

I saw the tears of the oppressed and the power of the oppressors, but both had no comforter, so I declared that the dead were happier than the living.  I saw that man�s labor and achievements were driven by envy and better is a hand full of peace than two hands full of labor (peace of mind is better than money or work).  I saw a man who worked hard, was not satisfied with his huge wealth, and yet had no one to inherit the fruit of his labor.  Two is always better than one.  You do not need many friends; just find another who shares your vision.  The poor and wise youth is better than a rich and foolish king.  The youth, who may have come from poverty or prison, succeeded the king, but those who came later where not pleased with him. 

The book is meant for people who are hopeful but seem not to have yet found their purpose on earth. This book will help enable people and communities to progress with a peace of mind towards their destiny.

Need daily devotion materials for you and your family early in the morning or late at night? I used this daily at night to instruct my children about want I expect from them now and into the future. We pray about the devotional message to a higher power, which makes them feel that the expectation is an achievable goal. It is very good at helping you and your family stay focused in improving your quality of life and making better decisions. Always use this daily!

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