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Ecclesiastes 8:

Wisdom brightens a man�s face and softens his appearance.  Obey and respect the king because you took an oath before God, but never stand for a bad causeWickedness is enhanced when justice is delayed.  Although the wicked commit 100 crimes and live long, it is still better for the god-fearing.  I have seen the godly punished and the godless promoted, so I commend the enjoyment of life where possibleEven the wisest man can never comprehend all that God has done.

Ecclesiastes 9:

What the godly and godless does are all in God�s hands and all men have death as their destiny.  Enjoy life and the fruit of your labor to the fullest while alive because that is when God favors you.  Nothing is guaranteed to the wise, strong, or fast, but rather, time and chance (change) only.  Wisdom surpasses strength and a poor wise man surpasses a wealthy and powerful king.

Ecclesiastes 10:

I have seen fools in high positions and the wise in low positions as well as slaves on horsebacks and princes on footThis is an error and it is evil.  Cursed is the land whose king was a servant and whose princes feast in the mornings.   

The book is meant for people who are hopeful but seem not to have yet found their purpose on earth. This book will help enable people and communities to progress with a peace of mind towards their destiny.

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