Daily Bible Verses | June 29 | Proverbs 12 | Proverbs 13 | Proverbs 14 Proverbs Teaches Godless Embrace Falsehood To Keep Job and Money
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Proverbs 12:

He who loves discipline loves knowledge.  The godly obtains favor from God, but the wicked will never be established.  The godly is praised according to his wisdom and it is better to be nobody with a servant than appear to be somebody, but have no food.  God loves honesty and blesses the diligent hand.

Proverbs 13:

He who guides his lips guards his life, but he who speaks uncontrolled comes to ruin. The godly hates what is false and guards the man of integrityOne pretends to be rich but has nothing and another pretends to be poor but has great wealthRiches may ransom your life, but the poor has no threat.  A long fulfilled wish is sweet, but fools hate turning from evil.  The godly leaves inheritance for his descendants, but the wealth of the wicked is saved for the godly

Proverbs 14:

The godly fears God, but the godless despise him because he enjoys and profits from his evil deeds without being accountable. Fools mock at admitting wrong and apologizing for it in order to get forgiveness because they have the money, unjust laws, and unholy alliances to cover up the wrong.  Evil men will bow to the godly.  Truthfulness saves lives, but a false witness destroys.  Peace of mind heals the body, but envy gives sickness to the bones.  Oppressors anger God, but he who gives the needy honors God

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