Daily Bible Verses | June 3 | Psalms 84 | Psalms 85 | Psalms 86 Psalms Teaches Drive For Wealth is From Satan
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Psalms 84:

God, how lovely is your dwelling place because I long for the judgment of your court.  Since every creature has a home, blessed are those who dwell in God’s home.  I sing praises and pray for God to shield his anointed.  A day in God’s court is better than freedom everywhere elseBetter is a doorkeeper in God’s house than dwelling in the mansions of the wicked.  Blessed are all that trust in God and are upright.  It is better to follow God and have just a little than to dine with the wicked and control the earthThis is because the wicked suffers and dies in silence, but their wealth and power misleads others to follow their path as sycophants and parasites.

Psalms 85:

God, you have become favorable to your people, restored them, and forgive them of their iniquities.  Please restore us again and let us hear from God what God has to say concerning our future.  God will give us what is good and increase us exceedingly.  We are imperfect and always fall short, but whenever we return to God genuinely, there is always increase in the fruits of our labor and health regardless of what people may say.

Psalms 86:

God, please listen to me because I am poor and needy.  Please preserve my life because I am godly and I will call on God in my days of trouble.  There is none like God among the gods.  There is only one God because of his wondrous deeds and the entire earth will come to worship him.  Insolent and ruthless men long to destroy me, but the merciful God that is faithful and has steadfast love shall put them all to shameThe godly will always have many troubles in a world ran by Satan and the wicked, but he must be relaxed and prayerful for him to be amused by the fall of the wicked by his side.

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