Daily Bible Verses | June 4 | Psalms 87 | Psalms 88 | Psalms 89 Psalms Teaches God Loves You (His City) More Than Israel
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Psalms 87:

On the holy mount stands a city that God founded and whose gates God loves greater than all of Israel.  Glorious things are spoken about this city.  God will establish this city.  You are the city of God that is greater than all of Israel that will be established if you follow GodThe godless fight for Israel to profit from the name of Jerusalem, but the godly is established greater than Israel so that God can live in you – his city.

Psalms 88:

God, please listen to my cry daily.  My soul is filled with trouble and my life goes close to the grave.  God, your wrath is heavy on me and I am overwhelmed by all your waves.  God, my mates have shunned me because you.  God has abandon the godly.  Does the godly praise and worship God from the grave, death, and darkness?  It is God that allows the troubling tests and discipline of the godly, not SatanGod knows that the godless are after the godly out of envy and jealousy, and they do not want the godly to free others from their capitalistic and oppressive world

Psalms 89:

I will praise God to all generations because of his faithfulness.  The heaven and all of nature praise God because righteousness and justice are the foundation of God’s throne.  Why has God forsaken the godly when God knows that their life is short?  Did God create man out of vanity that he ignores him?  Where is God’s steadfast love and faithfulness?  God will always remember the insult and mockery of the godless on the godlyThe godly does what is right and is patient to see the godless and their sycophants fall into the pit like dungMay the godless live long to see the greatness the godly becomes.

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