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2 Samuel 14:

Absalom (David’s son and the most handsome man in all of Israel) returns to Jerusalem after escaping for murdering his half brother. Joab (Israel’s General) was the one who used a woman to convince King David to bring him back. David agreed, but Absalom was to stay away from David’s house. Two years later, Absalom needed Joab to go back to David, his father, to convince him that he should come to the Palace, but Joab was no where to be found. So Absalom sent his servant to burn Joab’s field, then Joab showed up. Joab went to see David on his behalf, and David met with Absalom. King David’s house is in disorder for his murder and Joab lost his field for teaming up with a murderer. Stop unholy alliances!!! Murder and unholy alliances always result in zero.

2 Samuel 15:

Absalom got his chariot and horses together, stood beside the city gates, and advertised himself as the future king to all who came to see King David for four years. He promised them justice and they loved him for it. He soon moved to another city to declare himself king and was able to gather a strong following. As soon as David heard that all of Israel had followed Absalom, he took his people and ran out of the city for fear of Absalom’s attack. King David had to free some of his conquered servants to return to their land, he left the Ark of the covenant behind, and Absalom took over Jerusalem. Absalom, who was a murderer, comes back to chase his father, King David, out of kingship and Jerusalem. David is still paying for the death of Uriah through his very own son. Even Kings, presidents, the rich, and the powerful all pay a big prices for their misrule and evil. You just have to be observant to see it. Here is David, the most celebrated king in the Bible. Murder and unholy alliances always result in emptiness.

2 Samuel 16:

The ungrateful Mephibosheth, the son of Jonathan that David pitied and ask to eat at the king’s table, refused to support King David. Instead, he stayed behind in Israel hoping that he will be the new King of Israel (to retake the throne of his grand-father, Saul). So David gave what he had once given him (all the land King Saul had and servants) to Ziba, Mophiboseth’s faithful servant. On David’s way, a man from the house of Saul came to curse him and throw stones at him. He called David a murderer and mocked that his son had chased him out of kingship (bitter that they are no longer the royalty of Israel). David believed that God told the man to curse at him. Absalom took over Jerusalem and defiled all of King David’s women left in the palace in front of all Israel. Was the beauty of Bathsheba and the murder of her husband, Uriah, worth all this national disgrace to King David? Adultery, fornication, and homosexuality can all lead to zero.

2 Samuel 17:

Absalom comes up with a plan to go attack and kill King David, but Hushai, convinced him to change the plan based of David’s skill at war and able men of war. Hushai then sends people to warn David to escape because Absalom was coming after him. Absalom did go after David to kill him and he made Amasa general of the Israeli army.

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