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2 Samuel 18:

There is a battle between David and Absalom, and Absalom is killed. Ahimaaz wanted to take the message to King David, but Joab warned him that it was no good news to take to David. This is because David’s son is dead despite the fact that Absalom had become David’s enemy. Joab then sent a Cushite (Sudanese/Ethiopian), but Ahimaaz insisted that he must go tell the King. Ahimaaz even ran past the Cushite that left before he did. When he got to David, Ahimaaz was unable to deliver the message (I guess he now realized the magnitude of the bad news) and David told him to step aside. It was the initial Cushite that was sent that still delivered the massage as soon as he arrived afterwards, and David wept. Mind your business!!!! Do not go on an errand or carry a message that was never meant for you. Humiliation awaits those who are unnecessary people worshippers as well as praise and reward seekers. Just do what is right.

2 Samuel 19:

Joab, the general of Judah (David’s side, since Amasa was the general on Ablalom’s side of Israel) went to David because David was weeping so much for Absalom that the men that fought with him against Absalom were now feeling ashamed and guilty. Joab now told David to speak to the people because they felt that Absalom’s life was more worthy that their lives while fighting for David’s interest. So David spoke to the people to unify all of Israel again. King David is restored as King and finds out that Ziba lied against Mephibosheth, son of Jonathan. He also forgave the man of Saul’s family that cursed and throw stones at him when he ran out of Jerusalem from Absalom. David also forgave all those that supported Absalom and promised to make Amasa general instead of Joab in an attempt to win over the remaining camp of Absalom. Be careful about unholy alliances. It was Joab who went to plead with David for Absalom. Now, Joab has not only lost his field because of Absalom, he is about to also lose his status and position as Israel’s general because of worthless Absalom. Do what is important for you and stop carrying everybody’s baggage.

2 Samuel 20: A man called Sheba rebelled against David and separated Israel from Judah again. David then sent Amasa to go bring the house of Judah to him, on his way back, Joab killed him (I guess so that he will not take his position as general). Joab and his men ran after Sheba and fought the city he was in. A woman then told Joab not to fight the sacred city in Israel that she would have the people throw Sheba’s head over the wall to him. This they did and Joab returned without invading the city. Be wise!!! Do not let one man through unholy association, regardless of his position, title, and power, who does evil, be the reason why everything is destroyed. Silence out of fear of speaking the truth is a form of unholy alliance. 2 Samuel 21: God said that there was a blood guilt on Saul because of what he did to the Gibeonites. Despite an oath to spare them, Saul still killed some of them. So David decided to seek atonement from them. The Gibeonites wanted neither money nor revenge on Israel, but wanted to hang seven children from the house of Saul. This, David did, but spared Mephibosheth because of the agreement between David and Jonathan. Never envy any powerful and evil man no matter how much he has because he gets punished even after his death. Go close to the children of those you feel are rich and powerful, and you will be amazed to know how better off you are than they are even with all their money.

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