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1 Kings 2:

David told Solomon to be a king of honor, to keep God’s laws in the book of Moses so that there will always be a descendant of David on the throne of Israel, and to settle the score David did not settle now that David was dying. He instructed Solomon to take care of those that supported David when Absalom chased him out of Jerusalem, but to kill the man that cursed him and threw stones at him, as well as Joab, Israel’s general, for killing Abner and Amasa during the time of peace. This was David’s federal criminal justice. I guess the unification of all of Israel was more important than instant revenge to David, so he united Israel first and now wants to punish the guilty at death. Then Adonijah requested from Solomon David’s last woman as wife through Bathsheba (a competitive move to make himself king). This got Solomon so mad that he killed both Adonijah and Joab. So Solomon made the man that cursed and threw stones at David stay in Jerusalem and was ordered not to leave or face death. The day his servants ran away, he pursued them and brought them back. Unfortunately, he left Jerusalem in the process and was put to death. Only a fool says I can deceive or cheat my neighbor and get away with it regardless of race, tribe, gender, unjust laws, unholy alliances, or religion. The wise knows that you must pay for it in just a matter of time.

1 Kings 3: Solomon married a daughter of Pharaoh, he loved God and usually offered 1000 burnt offerings. So God appeared to him and asked what he wanted. Solomon wanted wisdom to do what is right and govern the people well. This pleased God and God promised him wisdom, riches, honor, and long life. He also resolved the issue of the two women who had a dead child and a living child. This was the case that made Solomon’s wisdom famous and people saw him as a just king. When you ask God for wisdom to know him and be fair to mankind, he will give you everything you can ever imagine.

1 Kings 4:

King Solomon’s wisdom, wealth, and influence grew beyond his borders. He spoke of proverbs, songs, beasts, fishes, birds, and reptiles. Kings and people from a far came to hear from him. When you walk with God, the God in your will become a sources of wealth and honor through the wisdom he has given you. Remember, the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.

1 Kings 5:

The king of Tyre gave Solomon all the cedars of Lebanon and Cypress timber used to build the House of God (the Temple of Solomon). When you want to do something majestic for God, people will come from any and everywhere to see it through.

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