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1 Kings 6:

From Moses to King Solomon was a period of 480 years and Solomon began to build God’s temple in the 4th year of his reign. God was so pleased with the building of his temple that he assured Solomon that he will establish his word (Jesus as savior) with him, like he promised David, if Solomon promises to always follow him. It took Solomon 7 years to complete God’s temple. God motivated Solomon to follow him and do his will, and in return, he will guarantee that Solomon’s bloodline produces God’s son (Jesus), which assures that Israel through the tribe of Judah will be God’s chosen people. It is the eventual birthing of Jesus that makes Israel the chosen people and not Abraham, Isaac, or Jacob (Israel). So God’s children must try to be positive at all times and learn to motivate people always, especially their children.

1 Kings 7:

Solomon built his palace for 13 years after building God temple for 7 years. It was a luxury home filled the special wood, expensive stones, and precious metals. He even brought Hiram from Tyre, whose mother was actually Jewish, but his late dad was from Tyre. He was an expert in bronze and did all the bronze work for the palace and God’s temple. After both the temple and the palace were complete, Solomon brought all the treasures of David, his father, into the temple of God. Solomon build God’s temple before his own palace. He did not just use any expert from Tyre (a place known for great metal and stone work), but made sure he had Jewish blood. Everything of value from his father’s days, he preserved. Children of God always put God and morality first no matter the consequence of losing money or the benefits of unholy alliances for influence. Always give back to and support your own as long as he is an expert and he is a professional. Try to preserve the good part of your culture and heritage. It all belongs to God.

1 Kings 8:

For 500 years since Israel left Egypt, the Ark of God was always in priests’ guided tents. For the first time, Solomon brought the Ark of God into God’s temple, to stay under a fortified house. Despite the fact that Solomon was a child born out of Uriah’s murder and Bathsheba’s adultery, it was he that God choose amongst all of David’s children to build the temple after God told David not to worry about it (too much blood in David’s hands). Solomon then dedicates the temple and ask that God answer every prayer from the people who come to the temple or reference it in prayer, even for foreigners. It shows God is patient and will serve himself last for your sake if you follow him. God settled Israel from all its enemies for almost 500 years before he settled himself in a temple. When you follow God, even the mistakes you make no matter how costly, will become a reward of joy in the future. Solomon became a reward for David despite David’s blunder in having him in murder. Always seek God and no matter the hardship, neglect, or errors, you will live long to celebrate them all. Just live long (good health and wisdom) and follow God.

1 Kings 9:

After over 20 years, God appears to Solomon again – when he became king and soon after he finished God’s temple and his palace. So God tends to visit people at the beginning of something significant that will bring him honor and at the end of a major accomplishment in fulfilling his honor. If you want God to visit you, then think of a great and unique task that will bring God honor. God made it clear to Solomon that if he followed God the way David did, his descendants will always be on the throne. If not, he will wipe Israel out of the their land, cast out his holy temple, and Israel will be mocked by other nations. So it is the future birth of Jesus that makes Israel the chosen people of God and not Abraham, the land of Jerusalem, or God’s temple. King of Tyre gave Solomon all the cedar, cypress timber, and gold to build God’s temple and his palace, and in return gave the Tyre king 20 useless cities of no value and he also enslaved the non-Jews in the area. It seems Solomon’s wealth was based on taking advantage of others in the name of God. Always demand your price for service on contract no matter what, so that you will not be cheated or under-valued after they have gotten theirs.

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