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1 Kings 14:

Jeroboam’s son got sick. Jeroboam’s wife disguises as another woman to go see God’s prophet. Despite the fact that the prophet was blind and old, God reveals her true identity to him. He tells her because of Jeroboam’s sins in making all of Israel worship idols, the child was going to die as soon as she returns to the city. The child will be the only one in Jeroboam’s house that will have a grave because God likes him. For the rest of Jeroboam’s family, all will perish without a grave. Dogs will eat the flesh of those that die in the city and birds will eat those that die outside. The child did die; Jeroboam died later, but ruled for 22 years. God is patient when it come to punishment and sometimes allow setbacks to prevent a greater evil . He gives you enough time to change your ways. Under Rehoboam, son of Solomon, Judah committed more abomination that all the generations before them. They did not only start having male cult prostitutes; they also had idols underneath every green tree. Rehoboam died. It seems that the quality of a child’s life without God is a reflection of how the parents ended. King Solomon with all his wisdom ended as an idol worshipper. See how his great kingdom became within just one generation. In whatever we do, let us always try to end well and successfully in God.

1 Kings 15:

Rehoboam’s son, Abijam, was as worthless as his father. Just because God loved David and made a covenant with him, God allowed his descendant to stay on the throne of Judah. David’s sin was the murder of Uriah and not the taking of Bathsheba, Solomon’s mother. So the misuse of Solomon’s wealth for women started this bad culture of idol worshipping on David’s throne. There was always war between the house of Rehoboam and Jeroboam. There were wars after wars and the house of Jeroboam was finally wiped out like God promised. They is no benefit to evil in the long run no matter how sweet the instant gratification was initially.

1 Kings 16: Baasha, king of Israel got the same punishment as Jeroboam for disobeying God. A list of the useless kings of Israel and how God destroyed them for disobedience. 1 Kings 17: Elijah is prophet in the time of Ahab, King of Israel, and Israel was so bad that God held the rain back for years. God sent birds to feed Elijah with bread and meat at a brook, but he had to relocated from the brook because it went dry. God made him relocate to the house of a widow who had the last bread to eat and then die due to the famine. Elijah told her to feed him and that her bread as well as oil will not finish until God brings the rain back. It was so and her household enjoyed the meals. Later, the son of the widow dies, but Elijah brings him back to life. Be good to strangers and foreigners because you do not know what blessing they will bring to your life.

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