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1 Kings 18:

King Ahab was married to Jezebel, who totally had no regards for God. She did not only kill most of God’s prophets, but also had the prophets of idols eating at her table. For 3 years, there was no rain in Israel and Ahab could not find Elijah anywhere. When Elijah showed up, he demanded of Ahab that all of Israel along with all the prophets of Baal meet at Mount Carmel. When they got there, he asked the prophets of Baal to sacrifice a bull to Baal to see if Baal would answer by fire. The whole day went by and nothing happened to their sacrifice despite all their shouting and prayers. When Elijah did the same sacrifice, he put 12 stones around it (tribe of Israel), placed the sacrifice on a rebuild torn-down alter of God, dug a trench around it, and filled it with water. Elijah then called on God and fire came down from heaven to consume everything. God then sent the rain. The prophets of Baal were captured and executed. God always answers at the appointed time when you make a request, are expectant, and are observant.

1 Kings 19:

King Ahab wore the crown, but Jezebel was the king. Ahab told Jezebel what Elijah had done to the prophets of Baal, who ate at her table, and she sent messages to Elijah that she was going to kill him. Who was she to give orders when Ahab, her husband, is supposed to be the King? It was because of this that Elijah wanted to leave the service of God, so God sent him of a 40 day journey. Elijah felt that he was the only prophet of God left. So God prepared to retire him and have Elisha take his place, but before then he was to go anoint the future kings of Syria (Hazael) and Israel (Jehu). God declared that what Hazael does not kill, Jehu would, and the ones that escape Jehu, will be killed by Elisha. In all of this, God preserved 7,000 in Israel that would not worship Baal. Elijah recruits Elisha and he followed Elijah. Never doubt or quit on God for he is always in control no matter what. Elijah quitted on God and God chose his replacement. He thought he was the only one left for God, but God preserved 7,000. You are never alone in the service of God. Aside from God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, and angels, there are always others doing something for God. No matter how hard it gets, you can always reach God through prayers.

1 Kings 20:

Syria battled Israel twice and Israel won twice. After the battles, Ben-hadad, King of Syria surrendered to Ahab. He made a deal with Ahab and promised him some of the lands they took before from Israel, so Ahab freed him and let him go. The prophet of God then told Ahab that his life was going to replace that of the king of Syria and the life of the Israelites will replace that of the Syrians in destruction. This happened because God had devoted Ben-hadad for destruction and that is why the prophet of God guaranteed Ahab’s victory over the Syrians. When God or someone is working with you and you know it is because of their support you succeeded, consult with them as partners to finish the task you have started together.

1 Kings 21:

King Ahab wanted Naboth’s vineyard because it was close to the palace and Ahab wanted to use it for a vegetable garden in exchange for a better land or monetary value. Naboth could not sell it because it was inherited from many generations. When Jezebel heard of it, she wrote a letter in King Ahab’s seal, ordering the elders in Naboth’s city to have a feast, accuse him falsely against God and the king, and have him killed. After the elders had killed Naboth, Jezebel then told Ahab about it and informed him that Naboth’s land was now available. Ahab actually went to get it. Why didn’t king Ahab just commit the murder himself? God then sent Elijah to Ahab that he was going to destroy his entire house and wipe out his lineage. When a man is not the king of his castle, it is evil in of itself. A man who sits back to let his woman act on his behalf because of sex, money, love, or power will either have blood or guilt on his own head. Let men be men regardless of situations.

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