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1 Kings 22:

Ahab, king of Israel wanted to go into battle against Syria to get more land back. So he inquired of God and all the prophets said it was well to go to war and that God will give him victory. Ahab grudgingly called another prophet, Micaiah, who never had anything good to say, and he initially supported the other prophets. When challenged by Ahab, he then said that it was God who sent a lying spirit to the prophets so that Ahab could go to war and get killed. Micaiah then told him that he saw Israel scattered like sheep without a Shepard. It happened like the prophet said and king Ahab was killed. No matter how powerful, influential, or wealthy, an evil man like king Ahab is a meaningless and insignificant being.

2 Kings 1:

Ahaziah, son of Ahab was now king of Israel and became sick. So he sent messengers to ask an idol if he will recover. So God told Elijah to go tell him that he will surely die since they was no God in Israel that he had to go ask an idol. It seems no matter what God does, Israel or the Jews will always work against or turn against God, even king Solomon in all his wisdom that God appeared to twice personally. So the king sent two teams of fifty to go bring Elijah, but he destroyed them with fire from heaven. The third fifty begged for their lives, so he went with them. Elijah then repeated what he said before, then the king died. He had no son, so Jeroham, his brother became the king of Israel. The spirit of ingratitude is a disease. God has served and saved Israel for over 500 years now since they come out of Egypt as slaves, yet they still prostitute after other gods made by hand (idols, money, land, unjust laws, and unholy alliances). Will Israel ever accept God and live by his laws, or they will always believe that their life is in the hands of idols?

2 Kings 2:

One the day Elijah was to depart from Elisha into heaven, Elijah did not tell Elisha, but Elisha knew. Each city Elijah went to in order to separate himself from Elisha before ascension, Elisha followed him. At the last moment, Elijah asked what Elisha wanted, and Elisha said that he wanted a double portion of what Elijah had. It was so, and Elijah ascended into heaven. Never be too scared or too humble to ask for your price, but be prepared to deliver the quality demanded for the price.

2 Kings 3:

King Jeroham of Israel, son of Ahab, was a bad king, but put away some of the idols of the land. The king of Moab, stopped paying their tributes to Israel, so Jeroham took the king of Judah and king of Edom along to battle Moab. On their way, they inquired of God from Elisha, who claimed to only respond to them because of Jehoshaphat, king of Judah. Elisha told them that all will be well and they are to destroy Moab, which they did. Never form unholy alliances and denounce evil wherever possible. Even kings were despicable in the eyes of Elisha. He did not run to them for favors or promotion.

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