Daily Bible Verses | March 19 | 2 Kings 4 | 2 Kings 5 | 2 Kings 6 | 2 Kings 7 2 Kings Teaches Being Debt Free Is A Gift From God
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2 Kings 4:

A widow of a descendant of a prophet was in debt and her sons were taken away as slaves. Elisha told her to get as many vessels as she could find and fill them all with oil from the little oil she had left. That little oil jar filled all the vessels that there was none left unfilled. Elisha then instructed her to sell the oil, pay her debt, and take care of her children with the balance. She became debt free. A wealthy woman always made Elisha stop and eat at her place whenever he passed that way. She even prepared a room for Elisha’s convenience. Elisha was so grateful that he promised the childless woman and her old husband that they would have a baby the following year and it was so. She was debt free from childlessness. As years went by, the child died. She ran to Mount Carmel to get Elisha, and he raised the boy from death. Elisha also fed 100 prophets miraculously with just a little food. When you go out of your way to do good to others, you work for God, and God rewards you handsomely. Prophets work for God, so did the wealthy childless woman. To be debt free is a great gift from God.

2 Kings 5:

Elisha told the leprous general of Syria, Naaman, to go wash in the River Jordan 7 times, but the general was offended because he came all the way from Syria and Elisha only sent words to him without seeing him as if there were no better rivers in Syria to wash in. He eventually went and was healed. He was debt free from leprosy. No matter the insult, discrimination, or racism, always try get what you want out of it unless it is so demeaning that your honor is above what you want. Naaman was so grateful that he offered Elijah gifts, wanted to take some of Israel’s soil to pray on to God, promised not to worship idols again, and asked for forgiveness when he enters the idol house where the King of Syria worships. Elisha accepted all request, but rejected the gifts. After Naaman left, Gehazi, servant of Elisha, ran after him and got some gifts on behalf of Elisha without Elisha’s consent. It was because of this deceit that Gehazi and his descendants became lepers. Gehazi was now in debt to leprosy. Never take what is not yours or bear false witness against another because you and your children eventually pay for it.

2 Kings 6:

Elisha made the iron head of an axe float so that the borrower of the axe could return it to the owner. Each time the King of Syria had a war plan against Israel, Elisha would inform Israel. The Syrian king began to believe that there was a traitor in his midst. The king was then told about Elisha, so he went to capture Elisha. Elisha’s city was surrounded by the Syrian army, but the invincible army of God around Elisha surpassed the Syrians. Elisha then made them blind and led them to Samaria where the King of Israel was. Elisha opened their eyes, the Israeli king then fed them and sent them home. Syria came later to besiege Israel all around that things got so expensive and scares that they started to eat their children. So the king of Israel wanted to kill Elisha. Sometime when you do good for people who are no good, the day they cannot find any solution they still come to blame you for their troubles. Try to associate with good people who really appreciate your friendship.

2 Kings 7:

Elisha then told the king of Israel and his captain, who came to kill Elisha that things were going to be cheaper and abundant by tomorrow, but the captain will eat none of it because he doubted God. The next day, things were so bad in Israel that some lepers felt it was better to go to the Syrian camp and be put to death. When they got there they saw that the Syrian army had ran way leaving all their wealth and possession behind (they heard the chariots and horses of God and ran). The Syrian wealth brought abundance to Israel and things got cheaper again. When the captain went out to see what was happening he got crushed to death by the jubilating Israeli crowd. No matter how silly or impossible, never doubt the existence, power, and possibilities of God.

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