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1 Samuel 13:

Be patient!!! No matter the delay or urgency, never break the law or disobey. Just because King Saul waited seven days and did not find Samuel to do the offering to God against the Philistines, Saul took it upon himself to do a task which is specifically for the priest or prophet because his people where beginning to lose hope. He followed people rather than follow God. He did what the people wanted rather than what God expected. The insurance from people became more secure than the insurance of the God that made him king. This was why God took the Kingdom from Saul as king and was going to give it to another. Always stand for truth, honesty, and fairness no matter the consequence. When you do the opposite because you want people’s salary, raise, money, promotion, and praise, you lose more in the long run. People are irrelevant because they can really do nothing for you when you need them most and what they have to offer is temporary gratification. Where were the people King Saul pleased when God took the entire kingdom from him?

1 Samuel 14:

The Jews did not have the sword and chariots most of their enemies had at the time, so they hid in hills, and attacked when and where the enemy was weakest. With faith to succeed, Jonathan and his armor-bearer made the Philistines panic to the extent that they turned against each other. Israel took advantage of it and defeated them. Faith without works is dead. Don’t just believe; act on it to make it successful even if it is a Plan B. Saul needed answers from God, but God did not respond. It was found that his son, Jonathan was the cause because he broke an oath. The people stood against the penalty of the oath on Jonathan because he fought with God that day to bring victory. There is power in number and we must mobilize for what is good for the community. Saul defeated all of Israel’s enemies that fought against him. He associated himself with the strong men of his time and Abner, his general, was actually his cousin.

1 Samuel 15:

Saul was a coward at heart. What he saw was more significant that what he could not see (God, hope, faith, vision, discernment, and future). God told him to destroy the enemy completely, even their animals. Instead, he spared the King and the best of the animals because the people wanted the spoils of war. The people were Saul’s insurance. He then lied to Prophet Samuel that the reason he kept the animals was to sacrifice it to God, but Samuel told him that obedience is better than sacrifice. This was why God rejected Saul as king totally. It is always good to follow a plan than to have excuses for not completing the task because of worshipping other gods for insurance (people, profit, fame, promotion, instant gratification, or praise). A man who follows God has the spirit of discernment to follow orders and see the benefit for the future.

1 Samuel 16:

When Samuel went to anoint David as king, his father brought out all his older and stronger sons, and left David with the sheep. God made it clear to Prophet Samuel that God does not see as man sees, but God sees the heart rather than the outside. It was the rejected and forgotten one that was to be king and not the ones that looked good outwardly like his brothers or King Saul. As long as you follow God and work hard, whatever evil or discrimination your face is not be an hindrance to you, but rather, an insult to God. God will still place you above all those that tried to hold you back. Stay with God, pray, have vision, never be scared of a Plan B, and work hard. Who said that God does not allow bad things? God can do this for harm or for training you for a higher blessing. Wait on God. God sent a spirit to torment Saul. David was then chosen by Saul’s servants to play the harp whenever Saul was tormented to make him feel better. He soon became the King’s armor-bearer, found favor with Saul, and lived with Saul in the Palace. God uses your Plan B to get you to your destination when plan A seems not to be working. It was David’s harp skills that got him into the Palace, his destiny, and not his military skills or intelligence. What is your Plan B for God to use as your vehicle of insurance for success?

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