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2 Kings 8:

Gehazi, Elisha’s servant, was talking to the king of Israel about Elisha and how Elisha raise people from the dead. Now, the wealthy woman who had her son raised by Elisha and catered to Elisha (a stranger) came to the king to get her land back after Elisha advice her to flee from the 7-year famine. Gehazi then told the king who she was. After the king heard all she had to say about Elisha and her son, the king gave her back her land and the value of all its produces since she left. When you do good to others, especially strangers and foreigners, you bring goodness unto yourself on their behalf from God. There is no debt for goodness, even if there is, it shall be removed. King of Syria sent Hazael to see Elisha and find out if he will recover from his sickness. Elisha said yes, but he would die. Elisha also cried because Hazael would become king of Syria and will do evil to Israel. It all happened and some men of God do see. Jeroham, king of Judah was as bad as the house of Ahab and certain parts of the kingdom rebelled against him and installed their own king. No matter how rich and influential, evil people always lose things in a matter of time. Ahaziah, son of Jeroham became king of Judah and went to see Joram, king of Israel because of the injury he got from the war against Hazael, king of Syria.

2 Kings 9:

Elisha sent a son of a prophet to go anoint Jehu as king of Israel. Jehu, son of Jehoshaphat, a commander of Israel, was to destroy the house of Ahab to avenge the deaths of the prophets in the hands of Jezebel, King Ahab’s evil wife. So Jehu rode to assassinate the king of Israel, when he got there, the two bad kings of Israel and Judah rode to meet him right on Naboth’s vineyard. The two kings were killed and Jehu went for Jezebel, the evil queen of Israel. She was by the window, so Jehu asked people to throw her down. When she fell, her blood spattered and the horses trampled on her. When they went to bury her, her flesh was all eaten. Goodness is superior to riches, wealth, fame, power, and prestige. All these without the goodness of God to your fellowman is nothing but a bitter ending of emptiness.

2 Kings 10:

Jehu, the general of God, goes on a rampage. Ahab had 70 son who were guarded by elders and guardians. Jehu wrote them to make the best of Ahab sons fight for their throne. They sent words to Jehu saying we will do whatever you want because they were scared. Jehu them wrote a second letter saying that they must behead all Ahab’s son and bring the heads to Jezreel the next day. This they did and he went on to kill everything that belonged to Ahab in accordance to God’s word. Jehu told the people he wanted to worship and sacrifice to Baal, so all the priest and worshippers came for the great occasion and Jehu killed them all. The temple of Baal was tuned to a latrine (toilet/restroom). God will always clean evil out. The only reason evils lasts longer than it should is because those that should have been used to eliminate it succumb to evil for fear of other gods (losing a paycheck, job, raise, contract, or promotion). Despite all these good things, Jehu did not follow God carefully, but God gave him 4 generations on the throne of Israel.

2 Kings 11:

Athaliah was actually Israelite’s first queen for 7 years. When her son, Ahaziah, king of Judah, died, she killed all the heirs to the throne to become queen, but the daughter of king Joram of Israel hid Joash. On the 7th year, Jehoiada, the priest, made Joash king without Athaliah’s knowledge and they put her to death immediately. Never take what is not yours; it may cost you your life. The king and people made a covenant with God and destroyed Baal, their temples, and their priest. Evil never last as long as there is a united good among the people for God to use against it. Evil only lasts because those who should fight it collaborate with it in order to get temporary benefits from other gods (money, influence, unholy alliance, and unjust laws).

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