Daily Bible Verses | March 21 | 2 Kings 12 | 2 Kings 13 | 2 Kings 14 | 2 Kings 15 2 Kings Teaches Why People Prefer Idol Worship to God
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2 Kings 12:

Jehoash (Joash), king of Judah did what was right in God’s eyes (a good person), but did not tear down all of the altars of idols. This means that God understands our imperfections as long as we are genuinely trying. This could also mean that idol worship was so rampant in Judah that it was difficult for the laws of Jehoash to completely rid Judah of idol worship. Evil is a strong resistor to good change. Even the priest of God that were collecting money to repair God’s house were not doing so. Jehoash then told the priest to give the money directly to the builders to repair the temple. Hazael, king of Syria, attacked Judah, but Jehoash gave him Judah’s treasures so he stopped attacking. We need to take actions when leaders of the church or in politics are being dishonest. Do not wait on God; you have the power to speak and expose them for the sake of your children’s progress. Jehoash was assassinated by his servants.

2 Kings 13:

Jehoahaz, son of Jehu, was king of Israel. He did what was evil before God. Never did he change for God even after God did him a favor of releasing Israel from the dominance of Syria. With time, Syria came back to demolish Israel’s army. Jehoahaz died and his son, Jehoash (a different one) became King of Israel. Jehoash was another useless king in God’s eyes. Elisha got sick and was dying. Jehoash (Joash) went to Elisha for help. He then told the king to draw his bow and shoot an arrow through the east window (towards Syria). It was the arrow of victory over Syria. Elisha then made the King strike the arrows on the ground, the king did it 3 times instead of 5 or 6. This meant he would defeat Syria 3 times instead of 6 to finish them off completely. Elisha died, a dead man that was hurriedly dropped on Elisha’s remains in the grave resurrected, and Jehoash defeated Syria 3 times and got his captured cities back. Even a prophet of many miracles will succumb to death and death is a natural end for the living. In whatever you do, try to put more effort so that you can always accomplish the most of it.

2 Kings 14: Amaziah, son of Jehosah, king of Judah did what was right in the eyes of God (a good person) but failed to tear down the idol houses. Idol worship is money from people who want to see God and can’t wait on God to respond. It is a form of instant gratification to satisfy a need temporarily. It is equivalent to smoking, drugs, and sexual satisfaction to fulfill an urgent need. He averaged his father’s death by destroying the servants that killed him. He destroyed 10,000 Edomites and went to fight Israel. Jehoash of Israel won and took Jerusalem. Jehoash soon died and his son, Jeroboam, took his place as king of Israel. Amaziah escaped and died there. Amaziah was brought back for burial and his son, Azariah, became king of Judah. Jerobeam II, king of Israel, was a bad king. He died and his son, Zachariah, became king. These Jews kings seem not to care about God because no matter what God and the prophet do for them, they never stop following idols and living against God’s wishes king after king. Even the good ones among them are not able to do what is right completely. I guess the idol temples brought in so much economic reward to Israel from distant worshipper or as a form of tourist attraction. They loved God, but the money and influence (other gods with idols as the bait) may have been sweeter. 2 Kings 15: Azariah was 16 when he became king of Judah, he too did what was right (a good person) but also forgot (or pretended to forget) to remove the idol houses. So God gave him leprosy till the day he died and his son, Jothan, took over. Zachariah was king of Israel for just 6 months. He was evil in God’s eyes, so I do not think he would even bother to destroy the idol temples. He was assassinated by Shallum. Shallum was king of Israel for one month until Menahem killed him. Mehahem destroyed other places and opened up the pregnant women. Mehahem ruled Israel for 10 years and he gave the king of Assyria all that Israel had just to stay in power without war. What a coward!!! Pekahiah, his son, became king of Israel. He was evil and was assassinated by his captain, Pekah. Pekah, king of Israel, was also evil, lost many cities to Assyria, and was killed by Hoshea, who became king. Jotham, king of Judah did what was right in God’s eyes (was a good person), but did not tear down the idol houses. So God made Assyrian and Israel fight Judah. So many generations, but not one good Jewish king to dedicate his nation to God completely despite the fact that it was God who brought them out from slavery and gave them their nation. Always honor God in order to be happy, healthy, and spend time with family. Everything else is secondary.

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