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1 Chronicles 11:

The Israelites made David their king by God’s word through prophet Samuel. The people felt that David led Israel well in battle even when Saul was king and God had made him the shepherd of Israel. Whatever career, job, or hobby you have, take it very seriously because that may become the title God may use you for and people will know you by. David was a lowly shepherd boy (not a respectable warrior or priest), but God says he is the “shepherd of Israel”. Be happy wherever you find yourself and try to make the best out of it. Even if you do not stay long in the place, there is an experience there that will be needed in the future. David then conquered Jerusalem, where the Jebusites lived, and made it his home. That is why Jerusalem is called the City of David. Joab attacked Jerusalem first, so David made him commander of the army. Try to always be among the first regardless of racism, sexism, tribalism, or religious difference. Be proactive!!! Then a list of David’s mighty men.

1 Chronicles 12:

Many mighty men of war came to join David of the tribe of Judah even from Saul’s tribe of Benjamin. When God favors you because you are with him, even the brothers and children of the opposition will come join you. David also received them well and made them officers in his troop. Never settle for disrespect or second-class regardless of the consequences of missed opportunities, money, praise, or promotion. If people are not honored to have you and treat you with little regards, leave and never look back because of fear of losing money or opportunity. It will ultimately lead to low self-esteem, gained weight and somatic health issue, as well as loss of respect. When you honor others for mutual benefit, especially strangers and foreigners, they will rally to make you king like they did for David. Men from other tribes, including King Saul’s, came to see to it that David was the next king while Saul was still on the throne.

1 Chronicles 13:

David brought the Ark of God to Jerusalem. On its way, the oxen stumbled and Uzzah held the Ark to prevent it from falling and God struck him down. Only priests should touch the Ark. It was because of this that King David kept the Ark in Obed-edom’s house for 3 months and God blessed Obed-edom household as well as all that he had for it. Another man’s misfortune should not determine your own faith. Do not let fear be the reason why you let another take your blessings. God should be with you and your household out of respect and not away from you out of fear. Love God today and bring him closer for your happiness, promotion, and prosperity.

1 Chronicles 14:

Hiram, king of Tyre sent cedar trees, masons, and carpenters to David in Jerusalem to help David build his palace. The Philistines came against David twice when they heard that he was anointed as king over Israel and twice David inquired from God if he should attack. God granted the attack and told David to attack the second time as soon as he heard sounds of matching at the tops of the Balsam trees. David defeated the Philistines twice. David always asked God, followed God’s instructions, and burned the gods of the opposition totally unlike the kings after him.

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