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1 Samuel 17:

Israel usually fought the enemy from the hills because they lacked chariots and war machines of the time. So Goliath mocked them to come out and fight from their hiding places. It was the responsibility of family members to send food to their loved ones at the war front. It was when David was on one of this errand that Goliath opened the door to David’s destiny. His brothers tried to discourage him from his unknown destiny but he took the challenge to fight Goliath, the giant. Despite the fact that David lacked experience in war, it was his experience from killing lions and bears as a shepherd that gave him the confidence to face the giant, who should be weaker than a lion. Always make the best and acquire all the knowledge as well as skills you can get in any place you find yourself or where God has placed you no matter how low. It is that unique skill that will separate you from the rest. David did kill the giant and for the first time, King Saul asked David who his father was, despite a period of living and working with the king. It was the death of Goliath that catapulted David from a shepherd boy to a national figure. Those who discriminate, reject, and despise you will have no choice but to celebrate you because God is with you.

1 Samuel 18:

Jonathan, son of Saul – the crowned prince, was so impressed with David that he gave him his clothes and sword. Saul even took him from armor-bearer to become leader of the men of war. Every follower of God will be elevated; for it is written to be so. Happiness, contentment, good health, and peace of mind will always be your portion and you will never sink. It became clear to King Saul that God had left him in favor of David. Even the women when now singing that David had more influence than Saul the King. The tormenting spirit from God became harmful on Saul that he tried to kill David twice. The people loved David and stood by him. No matter how powerful an enemy maybe, God and the truthful people will always be on your side. So the powerful enemy works and hates in vain. Saul wanted David to marry his daughter for 100 Philistine’s foreskins. Saul thought David would be killed. Instead, David brought 200 Philistine’s foreskins and married Saul’s daughter. No trap set for you shall succeed, unless God wants you to move elsewhere because your mission there has been fulfilled.

1 Samuel 19:

King Saul asked Jonathan, his son and crowned price, to help him kill David (he was tormented by God’s harmful spirit). Instead, he interceded for David and told King Saul that David was an asset to Israel. Even the daughter of Saul, who was married to David, deceived her father just to save David. When you follow God, even the children of those that oppress you, hate you, discriminate against you, rejoice at your lack and downfall, form unholy alliances against you, or make unlawful laws against the interest of your children, will work for you against the interest of their parents. Wait on God and be happy. God may be slow, but he is never late to promote his followers.

1 Samuel 20:

Despite the fact that Prince Jonathan understood that as long as David was alive, his kingdom will not be established, Jonathan chose to be faithful to David because David did no wrong. He never agreed with his father, King Saul, to kill David. As long as you are innocent and follow God, the children of your enemies and oppressor will work for you at their own expense and against the evil will of their parents. The Kingdom belongs to the one that follows God and not the one that has it. The rich heap and gather wealth only for followers of God. A follower of God obeys God and sticks to his plans and not the one that goes to a place of worship, joins a religious group, or was born into a religion.

The book is meant for people who are hopeful but seem not to have yet found their purpose on earth. This book will help enable people and communities to progress with a peace of mind towards their destiny.

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