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1 Chronicles 27:

King David organizes the military and heads of each tribe of Israel.

1 Chronicles 28:

King David assembled all Israel to Jerusalem. This included all the officials, priests, head of tribes, the military, and all stewards. He told them how God would not let him build the temple of God because he was a soldiers and had killed too many people, so God wanted Solomon, of all his children to sit on the throne after him and build God’s temple. This means that no matter how great you are in your occupation or service to God, if there is blood on your hands (directly or indirectly), God will still reject you for certain things. He thank God for choosing his tribe of Judah among the tribes, him among his brothers, and Solomon among his children to be king forever as long as they follow God’s commands. Contrary to the beliefs of many powerful, secret, and world order organizations, like the Freemasons, Knight Templar, and Shriners, it was David that designed the temple and not Solomon. Solomon only built the temple of God from the plan David, his father, gave him. So Solomon never had any secret of any value for these organizations to protect and through which they rule the world. The architectural plan was already known to David and his workers even before he handed it to Solomon. How easy it is to lead the world astray!!! The people perish out of ignorance because they do not read. God or Solomon has absolute nothing to do with these organizations. They are just powers to deceive and to oppress. So these secret organizations’ foundation is based on falsehood even by Biblical accounts. David then told Solomon to be strong, built the temple of God, not to forsake God, and that God will always be with him as long as he follows God.

1 Chronicles 29:

King David gave all his building materials for God’s temple as well as all the precious metals and marbles for its adornment. The people also donated freely with their whole heart towards the project. David blessed God because God owns and gives all things, and they were able to give back to God from his generosity to them. David then prayed for Solomon to follow God and build the temple. He then asked the people to praise God. Solomon was anointed as king a second time and sat on David’s throne. God prospered Solomon and his people were with him. David died after ruling Israel for 40 years. He left behind success, honor, and riches. Just follow God, be happy, and be health, because the day you die, you leave everything behind. All that ever mattered in the this life was your relationship with God through the treatment of your fellowman regardless of race, gender, tribe, economic status, political connection, or religious affiliation. A happy and healthy man is actually the wealthiest man in the eyes of God and in the eyes of man. Money without happiness and health is perpetual poverty.

2 Chronicles 1:

King Solomon worshiped at Gibeon because the original tent Moses made for the Ark of God was there. So God visited Solomon at night at Gibeon and told him to ask for anything and Solomon asked for wisdom and knowledge to govern Israel wisely. This pleased God so much because Solomon did not ask for riches, possession, wealth, or the life of his enemies. So God promised to give him wisdom, honor, riches, and possession. This is because with knowledge and wisdom you acquire all these things, but without knowledge and wisdom, you will either never find them or lose them if you had them in the first place. Wisdom and knowledge are always the highest forms of wealth. Never give up on education because of big money. Applied wisdom and knowledge from education is God your master, while money should actually be your slave that is controlled by your wisdom and knowledge. God blessed Solomon with exotic horses and chariots, gold and silver were like stones in Israel, and imported things at cheap prices. This meant that it was cheaper to import than to produce it in Israel, so cost of labor or value of their money was very high – wealth. Also, notice that Solomon went to the origin of the Ark. To Gibeon not Jerusalem and to Moses’ old tent for the Ark and not David’s new tent. This is why God visited him. Returning to ones origin shows respect for the beginning or creation. Humanity must embrace and celebrate African again to see God’s blessings again.

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