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1 Samuel 29:

The Philistine lords did not trust David among them despite the fact that the lord he was living with among the Philistines found no fault with him. David was asked to leave and the lord that trusted him advised him to do so. David then left. As a follower of God, never cry when you lose your job, promotion, or opportunity. It simply means that your mission or service there has ended even within enemy lines (place of discrimination, hatred, unholy alliance, & unjust laws). Everything is for the glory of God. Always do your best and work hard wherever you find yourself. Leave whenever it is time without regret because all things that are even greater than the current opportunity comes from God. Always be prepared to use temporary emptiness as a foundation to move into higher glory. The law of rejection is profit to a child of God.

1 Samuel 30:

David’s refugee camp and the city it was in was invaded and all the people, including David’s wives, were captured. He inquired of God if he should go after them and God agreed. David meet and revived one of the conqueror’s servant who was left behind for 3 days to die because he was sick. The servant then showed David how to find the invaders. He defeated the invaders, rescued all that were captured (including his wives), and took all they had as spoils of war. On his way back, the men that went into battle did not want to share the spoils with those that stayed back to watch their belonging. David disagreed and shared the spoils equally because everyone has a part to play. Fairness is a high and noble quality expected as a follower of God and not greed nor selfishness. To support and find reasons to exclude others in order to get more (racism, sexism, apartheid, racial profiling, police brutality, or segregation) should never be supported by a child of God. David chose fairness over the law of rejection.

1 Samuel 31:

Saul and his sons died on the same day and the Philistines who conquered Israel on that day took his body, beheaded him, made him naked, and tied his body to the walls of their idol temples. At night, men loyal to him came to retrieve his body as well as those of his sons, and gave him a burial of honor. Despite the fact that Saul was no longer favored by God, people still stood by him because he was their King. Followers of God must strive hard to have success stories to tell no matter how small. It is our job to inspire others based on how successful we are. Never hide from political office, it is the surest away to serve people and change their lives for the better.

2 Samuel 1:

The man who actually put King Saul to death ran to David with Israel’s crown and armlet hoping to get a reward, but was struck to death. He was an Amalekites. After Saul fell on his armor, he was still alive in pain, all the Jews ran off because of fierce Palestine attack, but this Amalekite ran in to do King Saul a favor and used his hand to killed the Lord’s anointed. We should learn to mind our business. What is an Amalekite doing in an Israeli-Philistine war? Who asked him to take the Crown on Saul head to David? Death and destruction awaits those that try to forge unholy alliances for the love or reward of money, praise, promotion, or just to keep their jobs.

The book is meant for people who are hopeful but seem not to have yet found their purpose on earth. This book will help enable people and communities to progress with a peace of mind towards their destiny.

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