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2 Samuel 2:

While David was made King of Judah, a son of Saul was made King of Israel. The two sides fought over it and Judah won and killed more men of the opposition. They tried killing Abner, commander of Israel’s army, but they stopped the pursuit. God’s favor left the house of Saul for the house of David. You always know when you are favored; just remember to give the glory and honor back to God who favored you. God is a God of equity. God favors his own, as long as you favor him above other gods.

2 Samuel 3:

There was war between the houses of Saul and David and all six wives of David had children for him. Abner slept with a concubine of Saul and this made the King of Israel angry. It was because of this insult over a woman that Abner left to go join David. Abner understood that God had given the kingdom to David, but stayed with the house of Saul, his cousin. David wanted the wife that Saul once gave him back from her new husband before accepting Abner to his side, and the request was granted. Abner came to see David and agree to bring the House of Israel under David so that David can be the King of all Israel. As Abner went to accomplish the task, some of David’s men killed him because they though he was deceiving David. David wept and fasted for Abner, and referred to him as a Prince and a great man. When you follow God, even the strongest man of the opposition will come to your aid and give back what is rightfully yours away from the opposition and his family. Never cry when something good is taken from you, the evil opposition will bring it back when they are falling in despair. God is God of equity. What was taken from a child of God will be returned.

2 Samuel 4:

Two men who were Captain to the new King of Israel, went to see the King one day. They killed him and beheaded him. They then took the head and ran to David for a reward. David sentenced them to death for killing an innocent man. Despite the fact that the evil act favored David, he publicly rejected it. The death of the King of Israel meant that the door was now open for David to become the King of all of Israel. Death, pain, and misery awaits those who use the love of other gods (praise, money, promotion, unholy alliance and unjust laws) to advance themselves by supporting and enabling evil acts. They killed their own master, who made them captain, just to be acceptable to David. Is David supposed to trust them too? David acted in equity.

2 Samuel 5:

David is made king of all Israel and he moved his capital to Jerusalem after a big fight against the Jebusites. The Philistines came to fight King David twice, but he inquired of God, and defeated them. Always let God tell you what to do, do not form unholy alliances or make up lies and deceit against others just to get ahead. Have equity in your ways.

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