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2 Samuel 6:

David was bringing the Ark of God back to Jerusalem when the oxen stumbled. A man quickly held the Ark from falling and because of this God killed him (only Priest should touch the Ark of God). David was afraid of God, so he kept the Ark in someone else’s house for 3 months. So David kept God’s blessing in another’s domain. When David soon realized that God was blessing the man, he ran to bring the Ark to his domain. David rejoiced excessively before God for all the blessings he was given, but his wife, daughter of Saul, said he danced shamelessly like a vulgar and it was because of this she never had a child. When God ask you to do something, do it no matter what. You do not have to wait for others to succeed in it before you jump in. That is the spirit of procrastination. Never mock someone who does a thing for God no matter how ridiculous it may seem.

2 Samuel 7:

King David lived in a house (his domain) but the Ark of God lived in a tent (without a domain). The Ark of God never stayed in a house or its domain since the time God brought the Israelites out of Egypt and God never asked for a domain to be built for his Ark. God then made a covenant with David that one of his descendants will build a domain for God and the Ark. God promised David that he will establish the kingdom with David’s descendants forever. David then went to the tent to spend time with God and asked that his kingdom and domain be established forever. God does not mind blessing you for nothing in return as long as you follow him. You may also wish or ask God for whatever.

2 Samuel 8:

King David fought many wars and won. Many nations brought him tributes of valuable metals, which he dedicated to God. He also established military posts in many of the conquered lands that made them basically become his servants. When you follow God, no matter the temporary setbacks, you will always come out victorious, except you give up and forget God. Every and any opposition will bring you tributes and valuables, but always give God thanks for them.

2 Samuel 9:

King David never forgot what Jonathan, son of Saul, did for him during his battles with King Saul, his father. So he went looking for anyone left in Saul or Jonathan’s house to show God’s favor, and he found Mephibosheth (a cripple). He gave Mephibosheth all that belonged to King Saul in terms of land and servants, and recommended that he ate at the king’s table. God never forgets to show favor for appreciation; so must we. Cursed is the person who exchanges evil for good or refuses to show appreciation because of one’s race, gender, tribe, or religion.

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