Daily Bible Verses | March 9 | 2 Samuel 10 | 2 Samuel 11 | 2 Samuel 12 | 2 Samuel 13 2 Samuel Teaches Penalty of Evil Outweighs Its Numerous Benefits
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2 Samuel 10:

King David sent men to the new king of the Ammonites to console him about his father’s death because he had a good relationship with the father. When David’s men got there, the Ammonites convinced the new king that David has sent this men not just to console him, but also to spy on the land for conquest. So the new king shaved their beards, tore their clothes, and sent them back to David. This led to war and David defeated them. Do not make enemies out of nothing. Open your arms were necessary until you are given a reason not to trust. When you harm people who wished you well and offered you friendship, you legitimize their authority to destroy you.

2 Samuel 11:

At spring time when kings went to battle (to gather resources & wealth for next winter), David stayed home while his army was at war. He saw Bathsheba, wife of Uriah, and slept with her while Uriah was at war. David’s nonchalant attitude got him in trouble because he was supposed to be at war. She gets pregnant, David sent for Uriah from the war to come spend time with his wife to make it look like the baby was his, but Uriah refused to go home and stayed at the door in David’s house. So David sends him back to war with a letter to the general and gave specific instructions to have Uriah killed. After Uriah died, David takes Bathsheba as wife. Despite all the things God did for David and was a fair king to all his subjects, he committed murder to hide his shame of sleeping with a married woman and getting her pregnant. We must be careful in the affairs of the opposite gender because it can bring the very worst out of a good and noble man. God was very displeased with David for killing a man in order to hide his shame.

2 Samuel 12:

God send Prophet Nathan to David to tell him that what he had done to Uriah was totally unacceptable. Despite all he had in terms of power, property and wives, he still went to take the only thing that Uriah had, Bathsheba, and killed him for it. God was going to put the same sword that killed Uriah in the house of David and give David’s wives to others to sleep with publicly, despite David’s act was done in secret. The child to be born was also to die. The child did die, Solomon is born later, King David goes to war to win the war against the Ammonites, and takes the golden crown of the conquered king as his own. No matter the evil done in secret, God still punishes you for it. Always do good no matter what and never envy wicked men because they always pay for it. Their pain is always much more than the initial evil benefit. It is just a matter of time and God is never late.

2 Samuel 13:

Absalom, Son of King David, killed his half brother for sleeping with his blood sister and fled. Just has God promised David, the sword of Uriah was going to be in the house of David. David’s daughter gets raped by her half brother and her brother kills the half brother. Do good always because the penalty for evil when it comes outweighs its instant gratification.

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