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Job 27:

Job insists that despite the fact that God has taken away his rights and made his soul bitter, he was still going to be blameless as long as he lived.  In other words, we should not change our principle to do evil just because we are not getting what we want by being goodChanging your principles to get what you want by acting godlessly only leads to either instant gratification or an instant accomplishment that will lead to substantial problems in the futureJob says he will not care about the progress of the wicked or the ungodly because the day God comes to deal with him, he has no where to run toThe wicked may have many children, but their lives are for destructionThe unrighteous may have lots of wealth, but it is to be shared by the innocentWhen they die, even the widow does not weepSo a man who makes a descent modest living is more valuable that the wicked amassing wealth

Job 28:

Job says man has so much ability that he even goes underneath the earth to get iron and gold.  He can even go into the rocks for precious stones.  He has been where bird have not seen and walked where beast have not.  Despite all his abilities, man does not know himself and lacks wisdomMan cannot find wisdom in the sea or underneath the ground, and no amount of money or precious stones can buy wisdomOnly God has possession of wisdom.  God the creator gave the wind its weight and water its measurements.  Only God understands the rain and thunder.  So wisdom is the fear of God and understanding is the rejection of evil.

Job 29:

Job wished for the days of his primes, when God was with him, and the children were all round him.  He remembered the time when at the city square, nobles and prices would listen when he spoke, old men stood up for him, and the young withdrew respectfully because he was able to deliver the poor and help the fatherlessIt pays to be good and be a positive impact to your community.

The book is meant for people who are hopeful but seem not to have yet found their purpose on earth. This book will help enable people and communities to progress with a peace of mind towards their destiny.

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