Daily Bible Verses | May 11 | Psalms 15 | Psalms 16 | Psalms 17 Psalms Teaches Lending Money With Interest Increases Poverty
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Psalms 15:

God, who shall dwell on your holy hill? He who does what is right and does not slander or do evil to his neighborHe who despises vile people, fears and honors God, does not take bribe against the innocent, and does not lend his money with interest. Such a man in God’s eyes is unshakeable, unmovable, and credible.  God is against anything that increases poverty and allows them to be oppressed by the rich.

Psalms 16:

God, preserve me because in you I take refuge and I am no good without you.  The sorrow of those who have other gods (money, wealth, unjust laws, and unholy alliances) shall multiply.  God give me counsel, instructs my heart at night, God is always on my right hand, and so I will never be shaken.  I rejoice in God because he keeps corruption way from me, he shows me the path of life, and his presence is full of joy.

Psalms 17:

Hear a just cry from me God from a lip that is truthful.  You have tested my heart and found no wrong, and I have not chosen the path of violence.  Keep me as the apple of your eyes and protect me under your wings from my violent evil enemiesWicked men have no pity and talk arrogantlyDeliver my soul from the wicked, whom you have given wealth to be their portion in this lifeYou blessed them with children and leave inheritance for them.  As for me, I shall hold on to righteousness and seek your likeness.  So wealth is a punishment for the wicked in this lifeSo a godly man that finds wealth, must use it to create jobs and opportunity for others rather than keep the wealth to oppress the poor by making unjust laws against their progress.

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